Honoring the Henkster

This site is dedicated to honoring our dad, friend, husband, brother, and son….Henk Boesten. Please feel free to write and read the encouraging things and memories we have of the Henkster.

Dad, Dec. 06            Henk & Lisa Boesten
This song was written and released by Nico Boesten in December 2011. Read the full story here: http://nicogroove.com/what-matters




  1. Jim Trick Said:

    Hello brother,

    When I found out that you are not well I was reminded of how much peace and strength you offered to my wife and I as we were losing my father. I am so thankful that you were at the Popadic’s that night and pray that the LORD by the power of the Holy Spirit would drench every bit of you in peace, love, grace and tenderness.

    Psalm 29:11


  2. Randy Demman Said:

    My tears are with you my friend. Words just can’t do it.

  3. Arlene and Terry Kubin Said:

    Henk, I was just remembering the fun it has always been to go out for dinner with you and Lisa. Remember when we would meet at the Chinese Laundry in Peachland and you would order tons of fun food and it was such an adventure. from there we graduated to the CHinese place you found in Kelowna and of course you had made friends with the owner(as usual) and we continued the merriment there!
    Then I remember when Terry had a hard time and was in Penticton under Doctor’s care for over a month after we had moved to the coast. He would look so forward to Sunday’s when he would always be with you and Lisa and of course the family too and it made it possible for him to go through it. Love you Henk and Lisa! Arlene and Terry

  4. George and Judy Jones Said:

    Hi there Henk and Family: Last night, we continued to pray along with other friends for you and your family that the Holy Spirit would pour out healing oil dripping from head to toe and that His Peace and Joy would fill your heart. You are so special Lisa and Henk. Stay in His Grip. Lots of our love and continued blessings to you all, george and judy

  5. Adam and Michelle Heinrich Said:


    I have really missed you, I regret us losing touch but am very thankful,

    For the time we knew each other. I never told you this but you made a great impression on my life.

    There are many things you taught me, here are a few I remember.

    It is ok to work at home in your underwear, no one else is there anyway.
    Magic tricks make everyone smile
    Drummers are the coolest of all musicians
    Positive Parenting…I always remember that one just before telling my kids no to something, and I say yes as soon as you are….thanks for that…it drives them nuts…
    People will judge you on appearance, so take the time and effort to look your best.
    And of course how to really Hug someone…


    We love you,
    Adam, Michelle, Amanda, Samantha, Jessica and Joshua

    I remember the fun we had together playing Cash Flow with people and how much fun it was to watch them learning, I am reminded of you every time I play the game.

  6. John and Lee Humphries Said:

    Henk you are a pillar in the temple of our GOD. You were one of the faithful ones who visited, regularly to encourage and bless my Mom, Stella, (Stefania) during her last 6 months. I am blessed by our friendship these past 17 years. We love you very much and you are ever in our prayers. love, john & lee

  7. Paul and Luli Sanchez Said:

    Hey Henk, It is an honor to have even met you. Nobody has ever displayed that Father’s love for me like you. I will never forget your defiant love that poured out over me even when I didn’t understand it. You have even passed it down to your son whom we were also honored to have with us for several years. In that spirit of defiance (obedience) then, I continue to pray for your complete and total healing and believe still that it will be so. You and your family will always be linked to ours, no matter the distance or the time that passes between us. Shalom over you Henk. Love, Paul and Luli.

  8. Tim Elliot Said:

    Henk, you are a true warrior. I can never forget how you and Lisa went to war over our little family, battling for the very life of Shekinah. I have told her that you saved her life in more ways than one, on more than one occasion. We enjoy renewed life and a growing sense of community in the Body now because of you. I am so glad you met that little four year old the Sunday I played on stage with Graham. This, Henk, is my way of saying, ‘I have medicine for you!’ With love and deep appreciation, Tim and Shekinah.

  9. Norm Strauss Said:

    Well, the Boestens and the Strauss family go back a long time so I have enough memories to fill up a small novel. So, I have make it point form of just a few that stick out in my mind.

    -Driving at about 90 miles on the Coq higway in the (white?) Honda on the way back from Burns Lake..about 1989 or so. I was scared spitless. The little spoiler on the sun roof was almost tearing off we were going so fast. In the car was Brian Wiebe, Henk (driving) myself and Nico who was about 11 at that time I think. The car was, as always,… immaculate clean.

    -Performing a concert in downtown Vancouver with R&S band at a small church. Henk started giving ‘words’ to some of the youth. He was instantly surrounded by a whole pack of them. He prayed for about an hour till they were all covered. It was about 1988 or so.

    -The first time I asked him to help me on a speaking trip, I can’t remember where it was but he got onto the mike and pulled out a 3 ft piece of garden hose and told us we were all like a hose. I had to suppress my laughing so not to disturb the meeting. I never knew what he was going to say on the mike. It made me feel like I was living on the edge just to ask him to come help me teach. He never dissapointed me.

    -A few years ago we did some ministry at Wagner Hills farm, a drug rehab centre. Henk shared and it was extremely powerful. Afterwards we got the guys to all pray for Henk. I was so impacted by the affection they had for him and also how strong Henk’s testimony was to those guys. He was in his element that night for sure.

    -He played drums once for an R&S concert in Abbotsford. Halfway through the concert the snare drum fell off the stand and rolled across the stage. Thats rock and roll baby!

    -Living down in Boston, Henk came for a visit and Nico, Henk went to a small folk club where Nico and I did a small set. Having Henk in the audience that night was powerful to me somehow.

    -After we moved back from Germany, i was leading worship at NLife with my kids. Suddenly Henk jumped onstage and started playing with us. After he said, “I have watched your kids grow up from diapers and I am practicaly part of this family. You can’t play here without me.” I liked that.

    -When I was having problems with the US immigration Henk spent hours faxing, photocopying passports etc. He was a big help even though he openly disagreed with me leaving for Boston.

    -I don’t know how many artists Henk has turned me onto. He is always handing me a burned cd and insisting I get into that artist.

    -It was Henk who taught me the very valuable phrase to use at formal dinners; “Taste the Kalimari. Its like an angel peed on your tongue!”

    I like that his cars are always so clean, he brings strange things onstage with him (buddhist bowls that ring), that he farts in public, that he always speaks the truth. There is one thing that Henk is an absolute expert at; being a friend. No one I know is better at it then he is. In that way he always shows Christ to me and everyone around him.

    I don’t like this idea that Henk might soon be leaving us. There are memories to be made. How can we do Christmas without Sinter Claus? Anyway, I am going to keep arguing with God about this. In the meantime, peace to the Boesten household.

  10. Judy Jones Said:

    Henk: you and your family are blessed as you have blessed so many other people. George and I absolutely love Calamaris and to think that an angel has peed on our tongues many times gives me great comfort!!

    George and I continue to pray for you and your family, Henk. We are so sorry that we just were not free (due to working nights, afternoons, three jobs – two group homes, subst. careaide at school district #53, and a roofing sales job for George) to see enough of you and your family. Please forgive us. We are presently in Yuma, Arizona for the next two months taking a rest after six months of high stress concerning family situations. Lots of God’s Love and Blessings, Henk and for your family too.

  11. Joellen Putnam CT USA Said:

    Dear Henk,
    As a father, you have had a huge impact on the lives of your children; I know this because Nico has shared with us many stories of how you have influenced his life. But please know that your impact extends far beyond that of your immediate family.

    As Nico prepared to separate from Wellspring, he prayed over us leaders who served in the youth ministry with him. He blessed each of us with a double portion of his spirit, according to the scriptures when Elisha received a double portion of the prophet Elijah’s spirit upon their separation. For me, this blessing was powerful. So, even though I have never had the pleasure of knowing you or even meeting you, I wholeheartedly believe that I have received through Nico and will forever carry with me a portion of your spirit. It is not something that I take lightly. I feel privileged to be connected with you in that way, and I am honored that the Lord is entrusting me with a portion of the work in His Kingdom that he has begun in you.

    Joellen Putnam

  12. Bob/Sandy Dring, CT, USA Said:

    Dear Oma Lisa,
    We love you and Henk so very much and our hearts ache for you both.

    We are praying for Henk.


  13. Jette & Joey Said:

    Dear Henk,
    Just want you to know that I’m prayng for you, whenever you come to mind, and that is many times a day – and in the night too!
    His Word is your strength! Human words are so empty. Just a few verses that have meant so much to me:
    Ps. 62:1 “MY SOUL FINDS REST IN GOD ALONE; my salvation comes from Him. He alone is my rock and my salvation; He is my fortress, I will never be shaken.”
    Ps 63: “On my bed I remember You; I think of You through the watches of the night. Because You are my help, I sing in the shadow of your wings. My sould clings to you (like ‘cling wrap’); your right hand upholds me”.
    Know this, that God has you covered in the shadow of His wings, and He will never leave you nor forsake you. HE IS FAITHFUL!

    Much love,
    Joey, Jette, Isaac & Samuel.

  14. George and Judy Jones Said:

    We both pray constantly for you and words can not express how we must know the pain both of you are experiencing in this situation. We pray God’s strength and comfort during this time. Remain in His Grip and Love, jj and gaj

  15. Ruth Anderson Said:

    Henk I love you! I cannot quite get my head around the fact hat you might not be here for the next 30+ years and I will keep on asking the Father to heal you until the day He decides to take you past the veil into the REAL reality. I have so many wonderful memories of us sitting at so many info booths year after year and being thus able to connect again and again. It seems I have known you and Lisa forever (1981) and will always remember you as a dear friend and someone who loves from the heart, is honest and whom I could be totally honest with too. May peace and blessings continually pour over you an Lisa and your amazing children and grandkids.

  16. Bill and Gaydene Olsen Said:

    Hi Henk… It’s hard to know you’re in this place…. But I know that Jesus has prepared an amazing place for you! I, along with all your family and friends would like you to stay a while longer….
    ….Henk, every time I saw you, it seemed that you always had an encouraging word on the tip of your tongue, if not that, at least something goofy that would get some kind of a laugh. I enjoyed playing music with you ( with the “Norminator) and can’t express my gratitude for ministering to me prophetically when it seemed that I couldn’t hear God on my own…. One major moment I can recall, was in Armstrong at “Welcoming the Lord Of The Harvest” in the ministry tent just before we were about to play…. You had no idea of the major decision that I needed to make, and you said… ” Bill … you know that you’re your Fathers kid don’t you? …. and you know you can’t lose….
    You’re asking His what you are supposed to do, and He’s waiting for for you to make up your mind…
    Well Henkster… You know that you’re your Father’s kid don’t you? He loves you so much and can’t wait to recieve you into His loving arms forever…. we just wish He would wait until we’re all ready to go
    We love you and are praying for you and your family….
    Bill, Gaydene, Josh and Danielle

  17. Trudy Visser Said:

    Great Job Nico ! My heart is with you all ! I am also going with the Henkster soon Unto higher places.will be waiting for you all .Keep the fort !luv Trudy

  18. Luke Stack, Society of Hope Said:

    Dear Henk, Lisa and family,

    On behalf of the board and members of the Society of Hope I wish to
    extend our prayers toward you during these difficult days. Thank you for
    providing an opportunity to send an email to Henk.

    Henk, we had some great years of ministry together in the Hope
    House. You and Lisa jumped in to a challenging ministry with single
    mothers and their children. I have always admired you for your
    willingness to leap onto the front line of ministry. During those years
    many lives were touched by your caring and genuine love for those you
    took in.

    On top of that, we also had a lot of fun! There was always some crazy
    event happening. Birthday parties, Christmas events, car washes, special
    celebration meals… it was never a dull moment.

    I bless you for all the caring you offered to those in need. The
    Bible taught us that “Religion God our Father accepts as pure and
    faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress
    and to keep oneself from being polluted from the world”. James 1:27.

    Henk, you and Lisa have lived this with great measure. God bless you
    for it.

    Your loving friend,

    Luke Stack
    Executive Director
    Society of Hope

  19. Justin Hamel Said:


    You have definitely made it into my top-10 most-respected people I have ever come by list. You have the heart of the Father man. It is so clear by both your words and your actions. If only more people had your heart we would be seeing heaven invading Earth more often. It is so evident not by the ministries, groups or churches you’ve been involved with, but by the family you have raised. You’ve had an affect on people all over the globe, and I’m sure if you asked any one of them they would all say the same thing, “a great man”. Your honesty, transparency and down right willingness to just be real is a model to live by. You are one amazing Kingdom builder. Be strong my brother… never forget you’ve got the greatest sidekick of them all on your team, fighting the battle right alongside you.

    Nothin but love.

  20. Axenty's, New Life Said:


    Jeffrey and I just want you to know that you are loved and how much we have appreciated you over the years. You have a strong spirit and you have been such a blessing to so many people. You have been a man that has been bold and confident in the Lord and we feel the Father’s delight over you. Many years ago you came up to Jeffrey and I after a time of worship, we had never met you. You prophesied over both of us, we have never forgotten your words and it has helped us over the years to understand how the Lord sees us and how He speaks to us. We often speak to others about the words you spoke to us.

    Henk…we speak LIFE over you. Father, we ask you to reveal yourself to Henk, we ask for the peace that passes understanding to guard his heart and mind in Christ Jesus. Father we thank you that Henk is hidden in Christ and that he will find grace in his time of need. We ask in faith for full restoration in Henk’s body and Lord we ask that you would continue to show yourself strong in Henk’s life.

    Father, we thank you for your faithfulness to Henk and his family and we rejoice that their names are written in the book of LIFE !!

    All of our love,

    Tina-Marie and Jeffrey

  21. Mirjam in Switzerland Said:

    Hi Lisa and Henk

    A lot of pictures came up of the time in Kelowna, which I’ve spent with you guys. It was a very important part of my life and I’ll never forget it, you’ve showed me a way how to live in a positive way and with deepness. Thank you so much. It was a short time that our ways were crossing, but it was so meaningful for me. (sorry about my english, I don’t practise a lot)
    I remember how we watched some dvd’s and eating yummie popcorns, the delicious meals after church, the thanksgiving turkey on the table eating with our hands, the sinterklaas evening, where I had to eat fish out of a tin and I wrote the poem to Henk:

    I’m a bit Canadian, I’m a bit Dutch,
    but that doesn’t say much.
    the kitchen is one of my favourite places
    and in my stomach is always a lot of spaces
    specially for stinky and smelly cheeses
    and guys now listen to me please.
    if I cook, there’s a lot of spice
    you would like it, for any price
    antother reason for loving cooking
    it keeps me warm without wearing a stocking
    and not to become an icicle
    I do not ride a bicycle
    pretending to play an instrument, that’s what I do,
    and in the background there’s very loud music too
    jokes and tricks belong to me as well.
    I better stop now, altough there’s more to tell.
    but one of the best things that happened in my life,
    was to got married to my lovely and happy wife.

    And than Henk had to prepare garlic salt and pretend to be Chef Hènri.

    yes, really, I have to say, you were such a blessing for my life, you were my home there in kelowna, I felt like to be a part of your family, thank you so much, you’ve got a very warm heart, where I always felt to be welcomed. and I know, it would be the same, if I would come again to Canada.
    Be blessed and a big big hug
    your swiss girl Mirjam

  22. Ted & Shirley Kirk, Comox,BC Said:

    ….. Henk has become very rich in the love of family and friends- a wonderful reward for a life well lived.
    . Ted and I wish to pass on our love again, to Henk, thanking him for the many thoughtful gestures he did without always getting recognition for them. I remember when I visited you in Kelowna years ago and the bumper of my car was falling off. I drove away from your place at the end of our visit and low and behold it had been fixed. I think it was you Henk! Thanks for the delicious french pancakes and all the other good food that both of you always fed me when I was living in your basement suite. I felt safe living in a home where Christians lived. You were both warm and welcoming and I felt like part of your family.
    …. Henk, you have fought the good fight and have won the race!!! Well done, good and faithful servant!
    Ted and Shirley

  23. Tammy York Said:

    Henk and Lisa.
    You have both been such a blessing to me and to our family. From the first moment I met you at homegroup you made me feel loved & accepted. Whether we saw each other every week at homegroup or went months or years between seeing each other there was always a level of comfort, like with family, that no time had passed at all. No one else has ever touched me and my life with the honest love, unselfish giving and caring that you have shown me. Words seem inadequate. I love you both. My life and my spiritual growth have both been enriched by having you in my life. Grace and loving on people are the two main things I think of when I think of you. May God continue to bless you and your family.
    Thank you for blessing me with your love and friendship.
    Love Tammy

  24. Faye Hodge, co-worker of Henk's Said:

    Dear Henk and Lisa:
    When I think of Henk, I think of OUR HANDS Shoemakers…great fun together in Gastown…thank you for taking me on.

    Your celebration of Christmas, Dec. 6 at your house with our families and others….great sharing of culture, humour and hearts! Thank you for inviting us.

    Amazing drums!!!The “Great Hallel” and teaching me rhythms in Our Hands in Richmond on the workbench.

    Your 50th birthday in Kelowna when we came up and did “Joy!”

    Never giving up on people, perseverence..

    The last time I came up to visit you, you gave me a manicure one summer evening and buffed my nails, such an act of kindness, so sweet…always looking to do acts of kindness…thankyou!

    Always delighted to see you, innovator…ONE OF A KIND!



    HENK AND LISA, I LOVE YOU GUYS …My lasting memory is when I was saved around five months and we all rolled up together at New Wine 89 in Somerset UK with Ruth, Darryl, Shirley, Andy Park etc. One night you asked me to grab you a glass of water…I ran back with it, but instead of drinking it you prayed over it and splashed it on the woman in front of you, who went into full blown deliverance…When it was calm you said, Heth lets hit the pub for fries, mayo and beer….spirit to spirit….my first deliverance what an introduction.I have kept up the good work of avoiding the religious spirit and having fun with the FATHER….YOU WERE MY BEST EXAMPLE EVER OF A LIFE IN CHRIST. Thank you both for the deposit in my life, it will never be forgotten….God’s best !!! in my prayers..shalom SHALOM

  26. Wil deKleer Said:

    We have so many good memories about our time together in the Praisemakers and the many Fridaynights spent at your house in Richmond with big groups of young people.
    I, Wil, ofcourse always loved your dutch humor; there is nothing else like it……
    We are praying for you , Henk and Lisa, that God fills you with peace every day and that this time will be a ‘holy time’ when all earthly things will be stripped away.
    We are reminded of some of the songs we used to sing:
    Jesus is changing me….
    He has brought us this far by His grace…..
    If I take the wings of morning….
    God bless dear friends.
    love, John and Wil

  27. Michelle Sweep Said:

    I just wanted to share a “moment” out of many that we’ve had with you Henk and Lisa, particularly you Henk………..I, and so many others, are so thankful for the “Jam and dutch cheese on toast” sandwiches!!! I will never forget the day you came over to moma dn dad’s to work on your……………van?……car?………..ooops!………..can’t remember…….anyways and you just “happened” to come while we were eating breakfast………..ya……well………and you proceded to put jam and dutch cheese on your toast, to the shock of our whole family!!!!!!!!!! How could you dececrate dutch cheese like that????? BUT…………that was THE best toast in the world (well maybe a slight exageration :-)) To this day our 11 year old daughter, our 20 year old son and our other 22 year old daughter still eat it almost every day for breakfast!!!
    Praisemakers!!!………what can I say???? You could make us laugh so hard and yet we’d be able to relax and sing and enjoy the songs we had to learn for the Great Hallel…………remember??…………well ya…… there were some trying times but hey……it builds character!!!!!! I loved your drumming skills……..how did my dad put it?……….ah yes…….dad called it “tickling the skins”.

  28. Wells Jones Said:

    Of all of the people we love, you are the best. I have no “word”, just memories……….of when I first met you Henk……..at a retreat near Whistler put on by St. Margaret’s church. You spoke boldly of your faith and the Lord’s work in your life.
    I remember your drumming and your part in the Praise Makers… I have the tape of the Great Hallel which features your voice. Also, I remember the pannekoek that you made so well.
    Wells Jones

  29. Don & Gwen Neufeld Said:

    Dear Henk and Lisa
    I have so many good memories of you, Henk, and I hope to make some more–here, on planet Earth.

    There’s a number of Sinter Klaus events that we were privileged to be invited to–you were such a dear representative of that great man and the times I sat on your lap and heard my poem I will never forget.

    Speaking of Christmas, one time you prayed for me when I dreaded going home for Christmas. That always seemed to be the time when family members would attack what I was doing, or where I was going, or even who I was, and I felt I couldn’t take any more. You prayed a shield over my heart that would deflect up any negativity. That Christmas was one of the better ones in my memory and I have used the shield picture OFTEN in praying for others.

    Sometimes we would drop by for a quick coffee and you would bring out the wheel of Gouda and slice off huges pieces and put them on delicious bread and butter. Then you would make french-press coffee–I think the last time we did that you used the cup Don gave you, “If you ain’t Dutch, you ain’t much.”

    Watching you on the drums at New Life–I loved it!! Passionate, skilled, on tempo–

    One of the biggest blessings you have been to our family, Henk, is the way you have befriended Ari and been there for him in time of direst need…. knowing he was in good hands and that he had the Daddy he needed for the time. THANK YOU AGAIN for that.

    Take care, both of you, as your friends all over hold you up in the arms of love and of faith. We love you guys so much!


  30. Jamie & Trish Robins Said:

    Thank you so much for all the encoragment and life that you have spoken into our lives. You are a true friend that comes along once in a lifetime. Your the only one that can take a can of MJB coffee and make it taste better than starbucks, How do you do that.? You and Lisa are always in our hearts. We miss you guys at home group but still continue to do the stuff that is put before us. Sang with Norm in Vernon on Jan 27th. I was thinking of the old times when we all played together, watching you and Robin bobbing up and down together those are memories I will always cherish. We love you guys very very much and are praying for Gods mercy to fall upon the both of you. Love Jamie & Trisha

  31. Ursula, client Said:

    Dear Henk,
    You have always gone the extra mile and helped me a lot with my computer. Thank you very much.
    Love and blessings,

  32. Nancy Lee (formerly Richardson) Said:

    When I first met Henk, I was working part-time as Programs Coordinator at Richmond Christian Fellowship. Before I got to know him, I felt a bit intimidated by the power he exuded. One day he came into the office just to say hello and he said he was like John Wimber – “Just a fat man trying to get into heaven”. From then on, I saw his playful side, so I invited him to be an actor in one of my dramas. He took his responsibility very seriously, and his scene was one of the most powerful of the evening.

    Later I started attending RPM (Richmond Prayer Ministry) at the Boesten’s home, and saw the Holy Spirit moving in such amazing ways. Henk was so compassionate towards people who were suffering, and many times the words of knowledge he gave were so accurate that people sobbed, and soon were on the road to deep inner healing. I was one of them, so for all your kindness, Henk, I am eternally grateful. I have been praying daily for you, and feel so sad that your health has been so rough. I continue to pray for your recovery and for peace in your heart. My home group and Friends Langley Vinegyard are also praying. Audrey Plaster and I pray for you too.


  33. Edward and Orthence Cabell Said:

    My friend Henk:
    There are no stories for me to tell. No jokes that I have had with Henk. I was fortunate to have known him for 7 years. What a priveledge. I remember the first time I met Henk. He was going to join me at work. But because he has had some bad experiences in the past, Henk wanted Lisa to meet me as well. We hit it off well. After all, we were Dutch. As they say, the rest is history. Henk always tried to keep his fellow man in mind. If it wasn’t good enough for him, it wasn’t good enough for his clients. Henk my friend, de heer heeft zijn redenen. Soms begrijpen wij hem niet, maar hij is jouw herder. Jij hebt gedaan op aarde wat verwacht was van jou, en dat is een voldoening. Wanneer je op de dag in de hemel bent, vergeet geen nasi and bami to eten. Natuurlijk met een lekkere sambal erbij. God zegen jouw.

  34. Daphne and Norm Sandvik Said:

    To the Boesten Family

    I met Henk a number of years ago when he joined our Business Referral Group. I liked Henk right away, I found him to be so warm and genuine. Our friendship grew over the past 6 or 7 years. He was always a gung ho member of the group and sure added to our meetings. It was especially nice at Christmas when Henk and Lisa came dressed up and explained how Santa in Holland came about.

    I have truly cherised the friendship and the time I was able to spend with Henk.

    You are in our prayers and thought hourly.

  35. Bob Oldfield Said:

    Hey Henk
    So sorry to hear that you’ve not been so great. Just want to take a minute to encourage you to keep on keeping on and to let you know that I’m praying that God will give you a strength that you never knew you possessed! I still count it a privilege that we got to play together at the Promise Keepers thing at the Kamloops Collisseum, and it was during the rehearsals that I got to know you for the amazing and unique person that you are and continue to be. I still laugh my socks off thinking of the hard time you gave that girl in the coffee shop when you ordered her to make some sort of specialty coffee YOUR WAY and told her how to do it and exactly what needed to go into it. I wish I could even remember what exactly it was – but it certainly was funny!
    And since then as we’ve met on and off on numerous occasions we’ve always shared a special bond as we talked about music and you always shared Nico’s stuff with me and got me listening to Big Daddy Weave and chipped in with your prophetic utterances during Norm’s sessions at VCF and oh so much more.
    You have been one of those people who have waved a flame through my life and my life has always been the brighter for it and I continually thank God for those friends who we don’t always keep in touch with but who we just ‘pick up’ where we left off with at the next meeting. You are one of those special people and I just want you to know that!
    Bless you my percussive friend! I’m rooting for you and praying for you.
    Blessings and blessings and blessings

    Bob Oldfield, Vernon

  36. Christy Juteau Said:

    The thing that made me realize there was more to the Christian life than church on Sunday and being a good girl, was seeing grown men WORSHIPPING God. You are one of those men, Henk – a true worshipper. i’m so thankful that you are my uncle. Who knows, maybe it was even your idea to send Hannah and i to King’s Kids – that was a real turning point in my life. i wish my little girl could meet you. i will tell her stories about you – how much you love music and food and people. Continue to live life to the full! John 10:10

    love and blessings on you Boestens,
    from Sean, Christy and Julia Juteau

  37. Linda Banman Said:

    You were on my mind this morning!

    Well Henk are you staying or going?
    I’m thinking it’s just the beginning no matter what your decision is..you ‘ve been pushing the “love buttons” for quite awhile amongst us…maybe we’re just beginning to “get it” and from what I’ve read here on this blogspot there are a whole lot of people out there who have been impacted by your love and who love you..maybe we just need to start speaking the words not thinking them(for me anyways)…I love you.

    I believe you’re on the edge of New beginnings..do you want it here amongst us or there with the Big Guy? How am I doing with the questions..BIG SMILE:).. I had a good teacher !!!
    I’m thinking you’ve still got a few lives to impact here but hey if you’d rather be off planet earth I’ll let go…..I’d understand that being “there “would be much less offensive, everyone loving and living it up…party on dude!
    I just need to hear it from you…so what’s it gonna be?

    Our God ain’t short on miracles…He just wants to know what you really want right, He’s a good Papa..like you.

    luving you

  38. Fred Missal Said:

    I am so blessed to be your friend and brother in the Lord.
    I love you brother.

  39. Joe Kelder Said:


    For all eternity we will share great memories. You gave me a window into my own (Dutch) roots and helped my understand why we are the way we are (some would say, weird, others, well, “If it ain’t Dutch, it ain’t…”). A couple if vignettes come to mind…
    Staying with the Filipino family in Cebu where you would ask every meal, “What kind of meat is this” The man (a former Filipino seaman, who had practiced his “f’s” very diligently, so he wouldn’t mess up the English) would reply “FORK”. We both could hardly contain ourselves.
    Trip to Norway 1986 with Bobby McGee.
    Spontaneous visits to our church and playing drums. Always accompanied by lots of “words” for various people.
    You have always been a special friend! I will continue to keep you close to my heart and in my prayers.

  40. Jake Bosma Said:

    Hello Boesten fam,
    Its been a blessing for me to get to know Henk .not only did we come from the same country{ HOLLAND, But we are going to the same country HEAVEN . Can not be any closer than that.Fond memories as we chatted in the hot tub,at Parkinson Rec. center pool.When Henk found out that I was a Bosma.He said I know your brother Fred from the coast in the Praise makers. We allways had a good relationship God Bless!!!
    Jake Bosma

  41. Dick Hol Said:

    My dearest friend and family:

    I’ve resisted sending an e-mail because I’ve been waiting for the Lord to work that miracle we have all been praying for, but it seems He has other plans for you my friend. I’m so glad you got to hear the 90 minutes in Heaven CD series that so wonderfully describes our new home. When I listened to the book on CD my spirit knew it was something you should hear.

    Little did we know when we met each other back in the early 70’s that God would connect our soul, spirit and family as much as He has. Sharing in those early years of your marriage as a single guy that was drawn to spending time with you and Lisa. Oh how we had our moments of laughter, tears, playing music and eating some great food. Those early years at St. Margarets church catching the revival spirit that was ushered in during the Jesus People movement (wow, I’m showing my age). I don’t know exactly what it was that drew us together because in many ways we are very different people, it must have been God. The Lord must have known that I needed to hang around a guy like you to help me think and act outside the box, and you sure helped me do that.

    But then there is that beautiful wife of yours who I knew even before you and I met. A special gift from heaven my friend. God knew that it would take a special kind of woman to love, accept and cherish you. It wasn’t always easy, but God continues to be faithful and will take care of her every need. I marvel at her faith and trust in God. She is a rock with a servant’s heart. Then there are those wonderful kids of yours. Wow, what a blessing! I feel like I’m part of your family and cherish each time I see them. They have been such a joy and a strength for you, especially during these past few months.

    Mow some 34 years later we can see the fruit and purposes of our heavenly father through the testimony of our beloved children and many friends. So regardless of how much you may have struggled with feeling inferior, unworthy, or incomplete at times, the many testimonies on this blog show that you’ve made a big impact on so many lives. Granted, there are others that didn’t quite know how to handle you, but those that took the time could see that you have a heart for God and for people. You are a giver my friend and you have given lavishly.

    I’m so glad that I got a chance to see you, Lisa and the family in November. A time to be intimately involved in the difficult decisions that were ahead of you over the next few months. Then to have you and Nico come to Spokane and to spend that precious time at the Healing Rooms and Gateway Fellowship soaking you in prayer. Spending time together to have those “gut level talks” to once again challenge each other on what God wants us to learn and how we can grow more in His likeness. How we can be better husbands, fathers and servants to ultimately bring glory to our heavenly father and to hear Him say: “You’re my good boy”

    I love you dearly my friend and will continue to be there for your family. I’m so glad to hear that you’ve been able to spend some quailty time with them. I was happy to hear that you exercised that prophetic gift of knowledge that God has given you as you poured out blessing to so many during these last days.

    What a special thought to know that you were able to perform the wedding for my son Jason and his new bride Sarah this past summer and further invest your love into my family. So many memories, so many conversations, so many laughs and a few tears sprinkled in between.

    So we will all expect to see you at the gates of Heaven some day to greet us playing drums or doing something radical for God. I’m sure He has a special assignment for you since there’s none other like the Henkster.

    So it’s not goodbye my friend, rather…..”To be continued”. Much love, Dick Hol

  42. Nancy Lee Said:

    When I first met Henk, I was working part-time as Programs Coordinator at Richmond Christian Fellowship. Before I got to know him, I felt a bit intimidated by the power he exuded. One day he came into the office just to say hello and he said he was like John Wimber – “Just a fat man trying to get into heaven”. From then on, I saw his playful side, so I invited him to be an actor in one of my dramas. He took his responsibility very seriously, and his scene was one of the most powerful of the evening. Later I started attending RPM (Richmond Prayer Ministry) at the Boesten’s home, and saw the Holy Spirit moving in such amazing ways. Henk was so compassionate towards people who were suffering, and many times the words of knowledge he gave were so accurate that people sobbed, and soon were on the road to deep inner healing. I was one of them, so for all your kindness, Henk, I am eternally grateful.

  43. Mary, sister-in-law Said:

    I don’t remember the first time I met you, Henk, but you made a strong impression on me. I was a very timid, insecure young woman, and you came across as strong, bold, confident and talented. I felt proud to have you as a brother-in-law. You were so different from anyone else I’d ever known and now you were in my family.

    I loved your involvement in my wedding. You and Lisa led worship at the reception and an alphabet game. You were bearded and wore a tunic and I knew that others from my conservative community would find you “interesting” and I loved the idea of being associated with one so creative and not afraid to be himself.

    I had been married only 2 months when you cemented our relationship with one of the most amazing gestures anyone has ever given me. Andy was in hospital, I was at work. At that time I worked at a desk in the farthest darkest corner of the school. It was my birthday and I was feeling very alone, abandoned, afraid and depressed. Then the secretary came bounding down the hall, calling my name. She was holding a large flower arrangement and it was from you. Even remembering it now, it brings me to tears.

    Every time we met you had words of encouragement for me. You never judged me for my insecurities and my fears. You accepted me as I am and took the time to give a hug. I love your hugs. They are so all encompassing and comforting.

    At our last family reunion you had me draw a picture of my own hand and then I had to give it a grade out of ten. I kept apologizing for how poorly I drew and gave myself a 4 (what I thought was a good score considering the drawing I’d made). You completely shocked me in telling me that God gave me a score of 10. I was exactly what God had designed and God doesn’t make mistakes. It’s a lesson I’ve taken very much to heart and I’m trying to live it. Thank you for that lesson.

    As Andy and I sat with you in hospital this past weekend, you blessing us and then all of us in prayer together, I saw in my mind that you were being cradled in the arms of Jesus. He was leaning forward allowing others to come and look at his precious child. He looked on with pride and love in his eyes. He was holding you much like a new mother would cradle her baby close to her heart. There were other “beings” looking over the shoulders also with expressions of happiness and great excitement. I felt at peace knowing Jesus was holding you.

    This scene reminded me of the text, from II Timothy 4:6-8 and it felt like Jesus was saying it for you: “For I am being poured out like a drink offering, and the time has come for my departure. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day—and not only to me, but also to all who have longed for his appearing.”

    The scene also made me think of Hebrews 12:1-2: “Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.”

    Henk, thank you for taking the time and energy to bless us. It means a lot to us. Your example of “running the race” is an encouragement to us.
    God Speed,


  44. Mitchell, friend Said:

    Henk you have been such a real person. I have appreciated your candor and openness.
    I see the kingdom in action every time I have been with you. It is so good to understand that whatever Gods plan for you the kingdom is being preached by your action and attitude in the midst of sufferings. You and Lisa have raised Godly seed and it already is bearing good fruit, You have had such a fatherly anointing [ that is such an amazing accomplishment when one looks at you earthly fathers treatment]

    All of the spontaneous appointments we have had have also blessed me, your are an exhorter and I have basked in your positive and direct words spoken into my life. It is only natural that I would return the favor.
    Thank you for being such a soft man of love and passion, you have definitely been used of God to touch many.
    My prayer for you is that you would shine BRIGHT and in the now.

  45. Elaine and Matthew Reimer Said:

    Henk, what can words say. Thank you so much for your strength and encouragement that you have given my dad over the last few years, you have helped my family get through many siduations and I know that he trusted you and often went to you for advice. Many blessings to you and your family !!!!! Much love Matthew and Elaine xoxoxo

  46. Derah & Gord Davidson Said:

    Henk & Lisa, two strangers who were put into each others arms because God deemed it so. If you were a stranger meeting Lisa you met Henk too and knew that you had found “two friends” not one. I will always feel privileged to have known you both and been in awe to watch you pray for people because God gave you the strength and the gift to do so. Your place is in the kingdom now and God is calling you to sprinkle your “Henkdoms” up in heaven. Go shake up the heavens and start making more new friends. We will grieve for you on earth while you are singing and making new music. You will forever leave a song in my heart. Your love never ends. Love Derah & Gord, Courtenay, BC

  47. colin reimer Said:

    henk and i have had a long distance friendship so to speak over the years…and every time we got together we just picked from where we left off… when in town i would always try and see henk if only to say hi and have a drink… it was fun to pop in on him at lisa’s unique boutique and mess around in there, sometimes having fun with a customer or two…henk introduced me to world of mongolian cuisine on a trip once…and tought me how to order rice or noodles, needless to say i got a very small helping of noodos that day..
    behind the drum kit, i remember henk with his cutting edge, state of the art cordless mini fan to apparantly keep him cool …i don’t think it did much but he sure had fun with it…and when he brought it into the prayer circle before we played, there were chuckles all around…
    henk also intoduced me to the movie ‘the party’ with peter sellers…after a long week of conferencing and playing a bunch of us packed into his hotel room in edmonton and watched this thing…still one of the funnest nights of my life…
    while reading up on henk’s trip to halland a few years ago, i told him that i would have loved to tag along and just be an observer/participant… it seemed like there was something really special going on there where ever he went…it gave me a little more of an idea of who henk is and where he came from…
    i am honored to be called friend by you, henk…

  48. Doug and Michelle Said:

    Henk and Lisa
    We really appreciated being able to meet you and spend some time with Lisa…and talk with Henk on the phone…always a wealth of good advice! We are praying for you as God takes you through this time.
    love you both
    Doug and Michelle

  49. George and judy Jones Said:

    Henk: You are still running your race; your journey well!! Jesus looks at you and says “I am pleased with you, my child”. In Hebrews where it says – ‘let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverence the race marked out for us!’ – you know I realize just how difficult this is at times. Just as I feel you must think this presently but you keep on keeping on along with Lisa and your family! We are seriously rooting for you and when you are running this race – all of you (and your family) together – know that we hold our hands out to join yours in THE RACE!!! Lots of love george and judy

  50. Dave and Donara Said:

    Henk, We have been thinking about you a lot over the last couple of days and how much of an influencer you have been to us. I remember a few years ago as you washed our hands at the front of the church you spoke some words over us that the Lord had more work for us to do. It was very encouraging at the time and now it seems that it was quite prophetic. I also remember the grooves we used to find on stage – usually it happened either before or after the service was finished. Great times.
    I remember your gift of chasing away religious spirits with just a word…..

    Till our next jam session…. Love, Dave and Donara

  51. Ryan Donn Said:

    Lending me your prized larrivee guitar every night I went to the recording studio to make my first cd “Daylight”. Hosting one feast of a meal at your house .. good food.. strong coffee.. peanut curry sauce…… You have been my fathers most constant friend since we arrived in Canada. Teaching me about the world of finances one night when I was considering a career path change. Providing the groove for the music to follow. A generous soul. To my dad you give the gift of friendship. Thanks

    These are the thoughts that come to mind when I think about my experiences of Henk

  52. Angie Dirksen Said:

    Henk, it is with great sorrow that I see you fighting through such illness. Gerry did come by to see if he could drop in, but, understandably, it was not a good time. So, I am taking a moment to pass on our hugs, with the hope of someday getting one in return.

    If there is someone to rely on to say it “like it is”, it’s you! So I wish I were there to hear you being cheeky and keeping all the nurses on their toes. It was always hard to hide behind niceties in a conversation with you, and you just never did allow it. You always know how to cut to the heart of the matter, dispense with the blathery chitter chatter, and say what is important. So, I would love to hear what you have to say now. I would naturally expect some rude noises, or at least a joke that would have Lisa rolling her eyes up, but then would be much wisdom. It would be nice to hear your wisdom.

    If you go for a walk in your imagination, and meet Ger and I somewhere warm (may as well be!) we will have a glass of wine and some very fattening food. We will listen to the music that you love, and you will prophecy of what is on our hearts and where to meet Jesus. You will not allow any banal comments, but will push at the particularly tender parts of our hearts. You will uplift, but you will also confront. You will be Henk. And we will come away from our time together with new understanding.


    Angela Dirksen
    KLO Middle School

  53. Eric Cooper Said:

    Dear Henk,

    Words could not express how deep my love is for you my brother! If not for your example of the Father’s complete love, acceptance, and forgiveness I have no idea where I would be today. I love you with all my heart and was deeply saddened when I heard you were sick. Your influence in my life has had the “Kingdom Multiplication” factor added to it and I have been able to impart that blessing to so many people over the years.

    I will always have great memories of our time spent together over the years and especially our ministry trip to Norway in 1986. I learned how to be real from hanging around you and that brought great freedom to me.

    Thanks for being there for me!

    I will keep crying out to the Lord for you and the entire Boesten household.

    Lisa, you are a tower of strength! The Lord is truly upon you!


  54. TeenaRee Said:

    Dear Hank
    The words to the song came to my mind as I set here trying to put down words…”The joy of the Lord is my strength”…and Jesus is yours also as you get over this…
    Thank you for always making me feel accepted and equal…thank you for always showing warmth to me…thank you for being YOU and telling it like it is…. I’ll see you later…
    Blessings upon your love ones…

  55. John Fluevog Said:


    I remember well you making shoes in Gastown in the 70’s

    You always made my day brighter.

    Will meet again and make some shoes. Only next time will make what we want and not worry about selling them..+ will have eternity to prefect them.

  56. Don & Carolyn Hildebrandt Said:

    Just heard about your condition today and a sadness came over me. I think back how God has used henk over the years. I benifited by one of those times when I had a group of kids at a youth concert at the YWam base for a concert featuring R & S with Henk on percussion. Henk got up and said he had some things from God for some that were there. he called up a couple of kids for prayer and then said God wanted to heal some one with a shoulder problem specifically a right shoulder rotator cuff. I had just been to the Dr. for treatment for that exact issue. I looked around and no one else was moving so I thought ‘it must be me’. I went up Henk prayed and my shoulder was healed. I loved how God would use a guy like Henk (not your typical preacher type if you get my drift) who was willing to step out there for Him! He was straight forward and didn’t pull any punch’s.
    Henk I thank God for men like you. It saddens me about your condition but I know when God decides it’s time for you to come home He’ll have the drums a rumbling. I pray that you would be filled with His love and compassion and that your family would feel that peace that passes all understanding. Don’t lose the beat!

  57. Brenda Dainton Said:

    Lisa ,Henk and Family ,
    Our thougths and prayers are with you all.

    “On angles wings”

    Your hospital room buddy
    Paul Dainton

    Brenda Dainton

  58. Oh the memeories!

    Our relationship was an interesting one and no wonder when we both started off with “Who the heck is this dude/woman?!” Well we played…I mean faciliated healings with and for participants…We took people to task to TELL the truth!…some did and some didn’t – their choice to have that keep holding on to them, I see now. Henk you played an integral part in me allowing to me to own and be in my spiritual life. You were the one placed on my path when I was testing the waters, waters that I was so afraid of, and you helped by being a safe place. Our spiritual lives may look and sound different and that is okay. I beleive we all live our perfect life and I “trust the process”. Now that is another line from our times together. And how about “I have medicine for you!” When I knew your time here on earth was completing I went inside and asked “How do I share my love and thoughts without being ______?” And Medicine came to me, and when I delivered my gift to you this Tuesday morning of which we shared lots of stories, giggles, blessings, snot and tears – (okay I did the s & t part and you did the blessing part) I realized you did not need medicine, you were perfect, as is, perfect, peaceful and ready to move on. You told me “one or two days – that’s it”, I took that as a gentle order. So my friend as I said to you, I am very grateful you came in to my life, I will always remember you!

    Thank you God for the medicine of Henk Boeston’s life shared far and wide. His life will live on like ripples on a pond…on and on….

    Love Val

  59. Shawn Worsfold Said:

    Dear Henkster

    You are one of my favorite people in the world today! You have always and still do, carry the Father’s heart in a way, that is so profound. We have always connected so well – I don’t know if it is our shard passion for worship and highly funkuated rhythm, your ability to combine brutal honesty with a broken vulnerability and softness that makes you so endearing to me, or our common love of wearing only our underwear or nothing in the house…well maybe that is jut your claim to fame! As a tribute to you, I am in my underwear as I write this. Maybe it is our love to express our affection by squeezing each other’s butt at both conspicuous and inconspicuous times.

    I think it is honestly because you have in so many ways embodied the Father’s love in your caring burly heart and have just poured it out on people wherever you have gone! Oh and of course…not to mention your radio announcer’s “soft jazz” voice (I really love that!). I remember you in the God Rock days, and I loved it when you spoke, because you identified with those who were hurting, but encouraged them to meet a Savior who understands and can lead them to life! We have also shared our passion for good drumming. We have listened to the good bad and ugly – and I would always look for your eye and nod, which would be nodding or grimacing at the same time as mine – when we would hear something amazing or something…well just should not be heard by anyone unless they were deaf…haha! I loved to watch you drum – you were in your element – whether you were playing lea, or were playing all the accessory and filling sounds that expressed the Holy Spirit and filled the room with Beauty! I loved it all! You have touched my life my friend, and you offered my great wisdom, incredible encouragement in all I do, and great friendship – that can pick up at any time with no effort – but joy! I love you my friend!

    Keep up the good fight…you have fought well and have run an amazing race…I am proud to be your friend!

    With Much Love and Admiration

    Shawn Worsfold

  60. Terry Lamb Said:

    Dear Friend,

    Just want to say thank-you for your faithfulness – I know you are Dutch and stubbornness is in the genes but as an observer I have watched you hang on the Kingdom of God with huge tenacity, because of that countless folks have been blessed through you and Lisa, I am one of them! I’ll see you across the Crystal Seas soon!

    terry lamb

  61. Kerby in Connecticut, US Said:

    Lisa, I was looking through all of the pictures that I took of your
    family last year and this particular one really popped out at me. I
    wanted to write to you to let you know how thankful I am that I got the chance to meet Henk. I totally enjoyed his sense of humor and his love that he showed to you and your family. Seeing the two of you together was so refreshing, usually couples grow apart with age, but the two of you seemed to really enjoy each others company. You are in my thoughts
    and prayers. Love kerby

  62. Mark & Coreen Biech, Romania Said:

    Hello Henk,

    Our lives have crossed paths from time to time. Mostly via a band that Norm Strauss is leading. In the short times that we have spent together, I always got the impression that you were a ‘helper’. Someone that, regardless of how well you know someone, is ready to help before talking too much ‘about’ help. You put people on to our ministry in Romania and that has been a great help to us. It seems that where ever you go, you are looking at how you can make things a little better for others. It’s true, you are somewhat unique in your expression, but that’s what makes you Henk … We are praying for more time for you on this planet and know that however the Lord takes you on your journey, you will be busy helping someone somewhere …

    Blessings to you and your family …

    Mark and Coreen Biech, Romania

  63. Jolinda Froehlich Said:

    It has been many, many years since we have seen you and the kids… but the memories are fond, and strangely deep. You have impacted our lives in many and very real ways… I read the blog and people’s comments, and for me, it is “yes and amen” to every one of them. I remember being with you both one Sunday as I sought the Father’s heart on whether Brent should be the man I married… your steadfastness in sending me to the Father rather than being influenced by man’s words was a path I am grateful you led me down. Thank you….

    I remember the first appreciation of ‘secular’ music from a Godly perspective.. thanks Henk, for lighting the way of not being so closed-minded…. Van Morisson… who’da thunk it?? 😉 Thank you…..

    Thank you for sharing your family with me, and for sharing your hearts. You both have impacted our lives, without even knowing it. It’s true.. a real “Dad’s heart”.. for those of us who’s own father’s know not yet the Truth… Thank you for being REAL, for being what we really do need more of in our lives… Thank you…

    Phil 1:3 “I thank my God upon every remembrance of you….”

    Blessings & love…

    Jolinda Froehlich

  64. Hey Henk, you Lisa & family are in our thoughts & Prayers. We remember quite well your teaching in our home group at John & Sandra’s. Grace is what you taught and grace is how we live. It is sufficient for us. Thank you for your you, & who God has made you to be.No mater what Henk, friends are friends forever if the Lord is the Lord of them. We have been blessed by having you touch our lives & we won’t ever forget you. Just remember that you are loved & we will be with you Henk. May the lord grant you peace & make His face shine upon you, He has you in His hand. Love to you Henk, Allan & Sheree

  65. Michael Holyk Said:

    Thank you for allowing me to visit Henk. We had a good visit. While it was very difficult to see Henk in his current condition it was so inspiring to me to see a man take some of his last breaths to bless me and family. The three years I have known Henk and the incredible courage and dignity he has shown over the past 6 months will stay with me forever. He has inspired me to be a better father, husband and friend.

  66. Dawn Lindsay, KGH nurse Said:

    Dear Henk,

    It was God’s divine will that my 4 boys and I stayed at the Hope House when you ,Lisa and your family were there. Henk,God used you in a powerful way to bring healing to my heart. I never told you this Henk but when I first meet you I was scared of you because in so many ways you reminded me of my father. Both of you were similiar in stature, voice and personality. The only difference was you were gentle in your ways of diciplining your childen and mine. You took the time to listen to me and to teach me new skills in communicating with others and my children. When there was a conflict, you didn’t yell, swear or raise your hand. For the first time I experienced parenting as God intended. My fear of male authority began to diminish and I began to see men and God through new eyes. You took the time to teach me parenting skills that made a huge diffence in my parenting and raising my boys. In fact Henk, I still use the phrase you taught me many years ago to say when Colton (now 15) and Jordyn (now 17) don’t want to do what they are told to do ” Yes you can as soon as you …” Henk, thank you for being obedient to God’s call to minister to single parent mothers and their children. I know it was a huge sacrifice for you and your family living in the Hope House. I am proud to say that I am the fruit of your labour (ha,ha).

    My dear friend I have been honored to work on the same hospital units you were staying on because I knew God placed me there on those days so I could pray with you and for you. I was also blessed to be able to give a hug to Lisa, Hannah & Simone . I see now God allowed me to give back to you what you gave me and my 4 boys, God’s love.

    Thank you Henk for being a positive male role model in my life.

    Love and hugs,

    Dawn Lindsay

  67. Corry Gliddon Said:

    Hey Henk and fam!

    When I think of you, Henk, one memory I can’t get away from is all the drives over to the WestSide for worship practice. You taught me how to set up your drums, spinning all those little screws to get the symbols on just so. Did I ever get it right? Your accent – who can resist falling in love with your voice? Not to mention the things that it says and the opinions you expressed with it! I clearly hear you sharing Mark Coppersmith’s definition of “Grace,” and some other Vinyard “Kingdom” talk. Then there’s the joking sparkle in your eyes – that is the ONLY way I knew it was you in the hospital! And of course, that was confirmed when you ran into Chris with your walker – twice. 🙂
    You turned me on to the absolute superiority of the bodum. Now I only drink coffee that way! All that work for one cup? Aaaaaah – yes! 🙂

    You practice what you preach, Boestens – and that is an example to be emulated! Of course I always felt welcome in your home(s). Always warm and with some good music playing. Man, I feel like I’m old realizing that we went to three different churches together! Pen Vinyard, NewLife, and Westside! What a journey eh!
    I too remember the big birthday in city park that you shared with Brendalee. And the trip to Merrit with Nico to lead a worship time for some big party in someone’s back yard…mostly I remember that you fed me, and made sure I had a sandwhich each day! Thank you!

    The pseudo-scariness of your appearance and strong voice always gave way to your gentle, loving spirit – as you revealed to us the Father Heart of God. Thank you for the many ways you give; for all the time you give to the House of Restoration, for your love for “the least of these.”
    Thank you for leading worship from the drums, welcoming the Holy Spirit by beckoning with your beat – and just making the whole thing more fun and more cool! Oh yes, one final memory – That little heavenly chime thingy that would get played at least once per worship set! 😉

    And thank you for loving my dad.


  68. Steve & Joanne Said:

    Hi Lisa

    You were the first people we met in kelowna, you kindly let us stay for a couple of days in your home.We broke the bed remember?
    On our first night with henk,we both ended up playing hand drums together,no surprise there.

    I remember henk taking us on a tour of kelowna,it was more like an express train going from store to store with henks’ running commentary on where to buy stuff and this and that…
    Henk saved us both tremendous grief and financial loss when during ‘the amber days’ he said “are you prepared to lose it all?” “then don’t do it”

    We are in ottertail MN and have passed on the news to the firestarters band who we are now with.
    Give henk our love and a gentle hug from the two of us.

    steve & joanne xxx

  69. Dale Ochs Said:

    We have known you but a short time, but time and space will never seperate us.Thanks for blessing us with Sarah and jason’s wedding.Friend,brother, we shall meet again and what a time we will have .Blessings and love to you and your dear wife Lisa.
    Love Dale and Jeanne Ochs

  70. Kerry Donovan, Athens Greece Said:


    Some of my memories.

    I first met Henk and Family at the Penticton Vineyard. Henk was doing what Henk does – worshiping God and Fathering the Fatherless. I was working with teenage boys at The One Way Foundation in Hedley, BC. at the time. One evening I and a co staff had a few of the lads from OWAF into Penticton for a swim night at the Rec centre and the usual slurpee or DQ for the ride home. Well on this night it would be different. Henk and family happened to be there and he invited the five of us back to his home for coffee, pie and ice cream. (if I remember correctly I had met you Henk only once or twice at the Vineyard). I”m sure it was the first time any of these young men had ever been invited to a Pastor’s home. From this time on if any of them chose to go into the Vineyard on a Sunday morning they all new the “Dude behind the drums with the earings” was a safe “christian” to have a coffee, a laugh or a prayer.

    After a year or so I moved to Kelowna and a few months later so did the Boestens. I got to know them better and over the years I have been a fortunate man to share more coffees(Henk introduced me to French Press Bodum coffee), laughs and prayers(not always in that order). As Nico grew he became a formidable Tennis partner.

    Hmm..I could go on but will leave it there. You are way beyond one of a kind Henk. The reality of Jesus in you and your family has touched so many. I’m glad me and the lads from The One Way Adventure Foundation got to be in that number.

    You didn’t get a chance to meet my wife yet. Lisa did when we dropped off the Narrative T. book. So when we visit Kelowna this summer you’ll get to meet her if not we’ll meet you THERE.

    Kerry Donovan

  71. Jackie Smith Said:

    Dear Henk, Lisa and family,

    Just heard that you a not the lively, rambuctious man I remember you to be, full of life, passionate for God and always moving to your own beat! My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

    My memories began when I joined the Praisemakers, helping to load your station wagon with your drum set and other equipment. Practices, fun and laughter. Living in your suite in Richmond, sharing Dec 6 with you and your family. Learning about Sinta Klaus. Edibles, such as Gouda cheese, is there anything else that’s so good! Salted licorice.. . Nasi Goren so, spicy hot it made your head sweat.

    I think what encouraged me more was our daily prayer partnership, via phone. It made a great start to the day.

    Thanks for all the memories . .

    My love and prayers are with you all.


  72. Gail(Jamie's sister) Said:

    Hi Henk,
    Real life starts in death,,,like a seed!!! when you really think about it,,,,,its exciting,,wow,,what a journey,,I don’t know you very well,but my brother thinks the world of you,,,he has your pic on his screensaver,,so i know your a good egg!,,just wanted to say Godspeed,,Gail.
    PS:God is Reality everything else is less than nothing!! When you see Jesus give Him a hug for me will ya!!!!

  73. Gary Neubauer Said:

    Hey there. I have been processing what to say for quite a while….Germans and emotions don’t mix very well.

    Henk,I remember meeting you way back (somewhere in the early 80s) in Edmonton. You were drumming for Andy. We talked a little. We then met at West Edmonton mall where you were shopping for baggy camouflage pants…..the kind of pants that a man should be ashamed of gravitating towards (at least now, back then they were too cool).You guys moved to Penticton and we soon followed to Kelowna.It seems like you guys have always been there.I remember those prayer times at our condo,you, me and Rick (I think that was his name).Eating wierd chocolate things on bread (and being sugar buzzed for a week).Do you remember the time we went out for ginger squid? You tried to order in the native tongue and ended up telling the waiter to go to the washroom instead. You introduced me to Sinta Klaus and Black Pete. I new it was you and Nico all along.

    Henk, you are an amazing gift to Brenda and I. I have thought of you often over these last couple of years. We haven’t connected as much as I would have liked to but our friendship goes deep…..Like you said in the hospital last week, you always knew I loved you. Freaky people like you (and me)are always loved and cherished. You are my brother from a different mother and will always hold a special part in my life. My prayers,thoughts and heart are with you.
    Love youGary

  74. Candice McLeod Said:


    I realize that it has been a long time since I have spoken to you, but I have never forgotten the kindness and support you and Lisa gave me when I was most in need.

    The conversations we had around the dining room table ( and around a block of cheese:) ) at the Hope House gave me strength…your wise words helped to guide me in my life.

    I know that God sent you and Lisa,as well as Hannah, Nico, and Simone, to help me and I am truly thankful. I know you have never met my husband but I have told him about all you did for me during that difficult time. Briannah is a teenager now and our youngest, Caitlyn, is almost 10.

    My prayers are with you. You have touched many lives and the world thanks you, as do I.


  75. George and judy Jones Said:

    You are the apple of God’s eyes – Henk and your whole family – Our sincere prayers are with you. God thanks you all for touching so many lives including ours!! One of your prayers – words- reaching out to the congregation (while you all were present at Hart’s church in Penticton) WAS THAT GOD IS REACHING OUT TO THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN GIVEN GIFTS WHICH HAVE NOT BEEN USED – George stepped up to the front and The Holy Spirit landed him to the carpet. You came to pray for him. His life has never been the same. Thank you Henk and a special thank you to your family as well. As you well know – our house is open always to you. Lots of love , george and judy

  76. Dale Said:

    Dear Henk,
    I’m writing to tell you what you meant to me.

    My first memory of you is your home group with Ron, Audrey, Jane McCormick, yourself & Lisa right after I became a Christian. It was the first time in my life I experienced complete strangers as safe. I remember your stereo speakers & the great music in your home. I remember you praying for me with Audrey before I knew what being prayed for, was about. I remember you leading my brother to Christ. Robin told every other person in his life before he told me. I remember you calling me on my bullshit at the picnic on Kerrisdale beach with the Plaster’s. I remember you playing the drums leading worship at the Vineyard with Karen and the whole crew. I want you to know I’m happy. I’m a pretty good husband and father now, and you were a part of that change. Thank you, I will never forget you.

    My very best regards,
    Dale Béasse

  77. Jennifer Said:

    Dear Henk,

    I write this letter to you to let you know how much I have appreciated you in my life and in eric’s. I thank you for your wisdom and times where we have talked and you have given me hope and things to ponder. I love your willingness to give of yourself to others in a way that I have not seen in many people over the years. I thank you for your gift of telling it like it is and that is why I have been drawn to you. I want to change and become the whole person God has intended me to be and you have helped me to see so many things about myself. I miss your wonderful meals that we have shared together and pray that we can have them again. So many good times are surrounded by food and wine and good company. We have enjoyed all of them!
    I just want you to know how much I love you and thank you again for being a “father” to me. You are a true champion in my eyes and in the eyes of the Father. I bless your life and will continue to bless you and pray for your healing!

    Love always,


  78. Mike, MA Said:

    We have never met, but you have touched my life through your son. He told me a story once about how you had come to visit him because he was struggling. Nico said that he just walked over to you and crawled into your lap, and you held him and he wept. To me that was just so touching on so many different levels. I wish I had that with my father, I want to be that father and I think about how God holds me in the same way you held your son.
    Bless You Henk for being a great dad and for creating a great man in your son.

  79. Darlene & David Said:

    Hi Lisa…
    To try to find words is something we just don’t know how to find.

    I suppose though, that if we were in town and visiting we’d say something like this to you Henk……..

    Well, big boy….you always needed to go on a diet, but hey, this is rather drastic measures don’t ya think!!
    Henk, we love you, and even though there have been miles and years apart from visits, you and Lisa are in our hearts, and have contributed to the DNA of our walk with the Lord and a healthy thriving marriage. David and I will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary this year, and the prophetic words you gave me (Darlene) so long ago, in regard to this wonderful man who is my husband, have rung true, and certainly gone beyond all my expectations. You and Lisa have been our examples of the “genuine”…the walk and not just the talk…..the demonstration of Christian community and relationship, with all it’s strengths and challenges.

    Miracles happen, and David and I are miracles…….you and Lisa so contributed to that, in ways that you will never know.

    So Papa Henk, rest now, and know you are so loved. We will continue to pray that the miraculous will happen for you as well.
    Darlene (and David)

  80. Carmen Tome Said:

    Henk, I will never forget how kind you were to me following my split from Marc. Going to Langley Vineyard and having you there to pray for me from time to time and speak clarity and prophetically into my life gave me hope and faith. God used you, and Lisa, at a time that I was so broken, confused and sad.Your sensitivity to the spirit, and the courage to live out what you felt directed to do, spoke loudly to us all to do likewise. Thank you for being you and fully you. I loved how you embraced life with zest and how you still do. You are an inspiration to me and to many. You will always remain close to my heart. And, I’ve seen miracles and am trusting that God will do a miracle right before our very eyes.


  81. Lutz & Arlene Sonnenberg, AB Said:

    Dear Henky:
    We really love you and are blessed that our paths crossed somewhere during a “Vineyard Moment” long long ago in the GLORY days.

    Arlene remembers standing at the foot of a stage at a conference in Langley or Vancouver and “connecting” with you. What an adventure!

    We were blessed with many years of friendship mostly in Kelowna but also in Calgary. We were recipients of your hospitality in every home

    you lived in, in Kelowna! We were always welcomed and loved and reciprocally shared deep things of the heart with one another. Special times, slices of Kingdom reality.

    To us you were and are a special man of God – often called into difficult situations. You were always true to the conviction of your heart and walked in integrity.

    We look forward to spending eternity with you, ruling and reigning with Christ, seeing with total clarity, charging into the final battle?

    All our love
    Arlene & Lutz

  82. Audrey Plaster Said:

    My dear, dear Henk:
    Through my tears I want to let you know how much I love you and appreciate our friendship and oneness in the Spirit. Your genuiness blessed both Ron and I and encouraged us to be more authentic ourselves. Oh how you have blessed so many and I am thankful that Love is Eternal. It has been quite the journey and I am so thankful that we made some of it together. If you get there before me, say Hi to Ron for me.
    You are in my heart and prayers.

    Your partner in crime!

  83. Ruth Ratzlaff Said:

    Henk, Henk, it sounds like you’re in the biggest challenge one could be faced with. We wish we could carry at least some of this for you and Lisa and the kids , so we will do as much as we can thru our prayers. It sounds so , I don’t know, small , or something, but we want you to know our very beings go out to you.Just know, if we could, we’d love to come and wrap our arms around you and tell you what a hoot you were. Can’t think of a time that playing worship sets and all that went into those moments weren’t anything but good. Having “tea” in England on one of those conference trips(Still have a great picture of you, tea dribbling out the side of your very proper lips, pinky extended ever so delicately). Perfect! Thanks for coming down to Aldergrove and drumming for us those times. So loved that. We shared some pretty unique times in that Vineyard movement, never dull. I won’t go on and on, even tho I could, but Henk; we pray for the presence of God to be powerfully with you and Lisa and the kids. Know you are so appreciated and loved by us. Peace, Dave & Ruth

    Thank you
    Ruth Ratzlaff

  84. Diane Hebert Said:

    Dear Lisa and Henk,

    Thank you so much for the email, I am so grateful and appreciative to have an opportunity to share with Henk how much he impacted my life so many years ago.
    I came to the retreats in Jan 2001 a very sad and afraid little girl. Henk, you were my small group leader and the love and commitment you gave me to help me find myself has never been forgotten. In all my 7 years in the retreats, I have never known anyone else to have such unconditional love for those you
    barely know and such passion for wanting them to heal. Everyone you touch is forever impacted.

    The gifts I see in you are love, passion, committment, courage and strength but most of all integrity. How fortunate for those who will meet you on the next leg of your journey.

    Much love and hugs to you both,
    Diane Hebert

  85. Brendalee Robinson Said:

    Henk – We turn 100 this year! Happy Birthday! When I think about the amazing man that I share my birthday with, I will never forget the first time when we met. I was going to New Life at the time and someone from one of your many circles brought me over to your place. I forget why we came over, but I remember walking in to your home and there in the kitchen stood this strong man with great presence.
    You didn’t ask my name or wonder why I was there, you just asked me this: “What do you like on your pizza?” I replied with a big thank you very much, but that I wasn’t hungry. You then said to me, “I didn’t ask you if you were hungry, I just want to know what you like on your pizza?” You then told me to have a seat in your living room and you picked out some music for me (and the others) to listen to, while you disappeared into the kitchen. I don’t remember much after that, but I will never forget how you made me feel. I felt like I ‘came home’. Who was this strange man? This man who opened up his door and saw me, a stranger, and overlooked the fact that he didn’t even know my name.
    That was irrelevant to you. What was relevant to you was that for
    whatever reason God brought me to your door and you opened it and asked me what I’d like on my pizza. You honored the very moment that our journey’s crossed paths and welcomed me into your life, like I really belonged. It was one of those pivotal moments in my life … I knew I would never forget this man, even if I never saw you again.

    When I think of you Henk, I think of a man who never wastes any daylight on things irrelevant to your purpose. You are a man of grace, incredible presence, a father to so many, great passion, consuming love, willing to stand in the gap or to be the bridge, a warrior of truth and a little boy who plays harder than most can dream of it. You are a beautiful gift Henk! I love you.

    Brendalee Robinson

  86. Peter Fox Said:

    Dear Lisa,
    John Fluevog forwarded your email. We, Linda and I are so sad for what Henk is going through and of course what you and your family are also going through.
    I bet neither of you remember the time, 34 years ago (1974), you were over for breakfast at our place on Templeton Drive. Calvin, my youngest, had lent us his microwave. It was an exciting new gadget and I tried cooking everything in it. I was preparing to fry eggs in the microwave, when Henk said, in a very loud voice, “NO! You can’t do eggs that way” I took no heed, being convinced that what could be done on the stovetop could be done with ease in this new fangled oven. Henk was totally unimpressed when, with a flourish he was presented with perfect sunny-side-up “microfried” eggs, which slid off the plate and bounced on the table. And bounce they did for I had, inadvertently discovered the formula for turning egg into rubber. A bit hazy as to what happened next but I believe all of you showed no further confidence in the M.W. chef and I was not given a second chance. So we all took off to the “White Spot” filling station for their safe and traditionally prepared ‘special breakfast’.
    Linda also has an eating remembrance but a far more positive one. It was at your house and you prepared scrumptious Cornish Game Hen with grapes.
    I’ve an ongoing remembrance of Henk, each time I see or even just look at a beautiful leather chess board he made for me. It’s perfect and I love it. It’s not what I’d call a lucky board, for it has allowed me to experience many checkmates over the years. Here’s a picture of it, look at the accuracy of the squares and the neat tooling and the folding of the “upper over the leather back, truly a fine piece of craftsmanship. It should last for centuries and as I have just burned on the back “HENK BOESTEN for Peter Fox 1974” so will Henk’s name.
    Peter and Linda Fox

  87. Maryann Said:

    Henk & Lisa,

    I was pondering the other day how long I have known you guys. Seems like just yesterday. Seems like forever. Believe it or not, I am actually starting this with no tears. Yes that is right. How I will end is another matter altogether. Darn, here they come. You guys have been a solid foundation in my life. I have yet to meet on earth another with a heart for the fatherless like yours.

    Henk, your willingness to say yes to a question before it is finished is amazing. Your have always been willing to father an orphan even when the orphan was reluctant to agree to it. As a result, I see that same, now young man carrying a protion of that spirit and longing to work with other orphans.

    Henk, I thank you for your willingness to be a shoulder to lean on, and a bear to hug. No matter the amount of time between visits with you it was always just like yesterday. I know that because you have touched me in this way, there are countless other “widows” you have touched as well. Lisa, thank you for being the wife that Henk needs.

    There is so much in my heart that I don’t know how to express. Know that I love you both and will contend for God’s healing in your lives until He tells me to stop.


  88. Michael Breuer Said:

    Henk & Lisa

    I consider myself blessed to be able to call you my friend. My trips to Kelowna would never have been complete without a stop by the Boesten’s. Without any advanced warning I would show up at the house, and before I could get from the car to knock on the door the coffee was on and there was always time for a visit.

    You lived as the apostle Paul wrote – to live is Christ and to die is gain.

    I look forward to seeing you again — if not on this earth, then with the Lord for eternity.

    God Bless

  89. Donna Ferguson Said:

    I was only in yours and Lisa’s life for a short season but I must say that season is filled with many happy and fun times. One occasion that I had so much fun at was when you had me over for your dutch Christmas party and you were Santa (forget the dutch name) LOL. I still have photo’s of us all from that night. You are such a loving, gentle, and caring man and I am so glad to have had those times together with you and Lisa. God blessed me with getting to know you. Please know you are in my prayers and I send my love to both you and Lisa.

  90. Jana, Winnipeg Said:

    For Henk,
    I really don’t have many words. Only thanks that I want to deliver. You helped me to remember how much God loves me. And that no matter what life brings, good or bad, He’s there, and will always love and forgive. I think of you often, and Can’t wait until the day we meet again.
    Your an amazing old fart (as you called yourself ) and I truly appreciate everything you did for me. You gave me the gift of understanding God’s never ending love. And i am eternally grateful.
    God bless you and your family.

    Much love, and hugs all around,

    Jana Tuininga.

  91. John & Sandra DeVries Said:

    Henk, We just want to send a few words of encouragement and affirmation to you at this critical time of your life.

    As we reflect upon what you have meant to us, it takes us back on a long journey of when we were first introduced to you through the Vineyard in it’s hey day.

    At that time in our life, we were being transformed through the renewal and it was refreshing to see you fully operating and modeling for us what we saw God was doing. Prophesy, words of knowledge, power evangelism, power healing. We were so hungry for ‘more’.

    Of course, when you moved up the valley it gave us more reason to connect (through joint friends) resulting is us leading a home group together in Mission, which grew beyond our wildest expectations and was not limited by any of our imaginations. Those were the wild kingdom days and “kingdom” has always been and remains your message. You have always exhibited to those around a very strong faith in your Heavenly Father.

    Over the years of our relationship we have experienced together highs and lows – but through it all – the good, the bad and the ugly, you have remained solid throughout. You were who you were, a diamond in the rough.

    We fondly remember the many meals you have prepared for us and how you love to cook. You have always been very hospitable, sharing and welcoming others into your home.

    We also want to thank you for the positive influence you have had in Todd’s life. I know that things didn’t work out as we all had hoped with him, but you did seed into him strong values where we haven’t seen the growth yet.

    You remain a man who is strong in spirit and we so appreciate and thank you for the part you have played in our lives as a friend and also a mentor in our spiritual growth.

    The journey for you hasn’t been easy, but it is with thankful hearts that over these past few years, you have been able to connect with your natural family and siblings as we know how much that meant to you.

    Blessings to you our friend, our hearts and prayers continue to be with you through this battle.

    Love, John & Sandra

  92. Heather Wice, KGH Nurse Said:

    Hi Lisa,

    I checked out Henk’s Blog……..What a beautiful site……It is nice to see the pictures of Henk smiling and enjoying life. In the past 7 years of my nursing I have never experienced seeing so much love and support. For some reason your husband and yourself have just really touched me, and it is quite obvious that you both have touched many people. Your spirit and your strength is truly amazing and I admire your courage and grace.

    I am back to work tomorrow and I am hoping to see you….. Take Care, Heather

  93. Ingrid, daughter-in-law Said:

    Lieve Henk

    I also would like to write you a little note about how much you mean to me. I remember meeting you the first time and thinking wow; this guy has got serious “presence”. He is in the room and there is no way around it. It seemed that you could see right into someone’s soul.

    When we met you had already accepted me into your family, even though Nico and I where just dating. You knew that this relationship was real, and you accepted me as your daughter. Thank you for that.

    Sometimes I feel like we are so alike. I remember when Simone was living with us and she would say. Oh, now I understand why my dad does that kind of stuff, it is the Dutch way? Pretty cool. Me being your daughter in law helped your daughter to get to know more of you. What is it about the Dutch??

    You always stood by my side in my marriage to your amazing son.
    You never took sides. You always encouraged us to keep going. And here we are 10 years later and we are doing the stuff.

    You’re a true example of being always willing to make new changes and to be vulnerable. I love that about you.

    We definetly share our love for food.
    Who is the boss in the kitchen? You gave that job to me a couple of months ago, and it makes me really sad. I always thought that you and me would be the “big” ones in the family. Now I’m stuck with all these skinny people.

    I remember going to True Connections and playing the “bean game”. Some people might know what I’m talking about, but I remember giving my bean (which represents life) to you, because I thought that it would be better for you to live then for me, because you had the ability to touch way more lives for the Kingdom than me. Well I guess it is me that gets to live. So I better live up to the standard. I will try. You have touched me in so many ways. You have invested into my family, my children, my church, my friends and on really anybody you could lay your hands on, and you still do that today. You have given out blessings everyday. It is truly amazing.

    I love how you have given me the authority to speak into your life. You always said if there is anything about me that is a blind spot, please point it out to me. I have done that ever since you taught me. It sucks to have blind spots, but I love being that vulnerable with people now. You taught me many things Henk. You are a great papa to me. I love you so much. Thank you for being who you are.

    You will forever be a blessing to me.
    I will love your children and wife, and my brother in laws, and of course you grandchildren with the best of my ability. We are all part of the legacy you are leaving behind and the investment that you have made. You are the best “life investor” that I know.

    Goed gedaan lieve jongen. INGRID BOESTEN

  94. Jamie & Trish Robins Said:

    Wow was at the hospital today, Henk you are incredible. We did comunion together Karen Engle, Henk, my wife and myself. You are a strong tower Henk You are hanging in there and we are believing for a miracle no matter what. Your spirit is strong and yes we have excepted the reality of the situation. But as you said we are no longer in control, how true that is. God knows what He is doing and He is in control. Just to see you alert and with it today was incredible. I mean over all you looked amazing. Through all this we have learned how nothing is more important than doing what God wants us to do, and to let people know that they matter and are important. You have shown us that time and time again. Today was truely an honour to just pray with you an do the comunion stuff. As`we have said before we love you, and we hold you up before the Father, and yes miracles still do happen. Blessings to you my friend. Love Jamie, Trisha, Sarah, and Jamayah.

  95. Greetings Henk and Family,

    It is with mixed emotions which this note is being written. First, we love you and really appreciate all the time we have shared with you and how you enriched our lives with your example of the “Christian walk”.

    We thank you so much for pouring into us, especially the day of our wedding when you led our families and friends in the dances. We will fondly remember the “patta, patta dance” (translation=we have a goat)!!! Everyone still talks about how much fun they had doing, and how much fun they had watching everyone else having fun. Thank you for taking the time to learn the dances and then teach all of us-well some of us- the funky moves that only a man of percussion could embody.

    We thank you for having the movie night and introducing us to “The Party”. We will forever watch that and think of you, and remember how you related to Peter Sellers being a man completely out of his element, but still able to bring people together with the talents which are so endearing to all of us. You are a foreign man in a foriegn land, but still you leave a mark wherever you go! Thank you for the “birdie num-nums” when we darkened your open door, the great coffees, the Advocaat’s and then rushing over to your tremndous CD collection and whipping out the “latest and greatest”, lighting up the stereo and watch you hammer out the most awesome new drum lick! Tekoa still does the best full action routine to Nico’s “Silly-man”.

    We will continue to pray restoration and health for you until the day of your call to our “real home” where we will no longer be strangers and foreingers. We love you and bless you as you continue your journey.

    Peace be unto you,

    Greg, Sue, Talia, Kayleigh and Tekoa

  96. Jamayah Robins( jamies daughter) Said:

    Henk you are a nice man and i like you. I hope that God makes you better soon.

  97. Willy & Heike Said:

    We have such good memories of having been part of the Praisemakers for seven years, plus. In our then so immature ways, as we were relatively young in the Lord, God came through and saw our hearts, and we were being transformed into a “body”, a community of Praisers. You were such an important part of us. Thanks and Praise to Him, who does all things well, and makes all things new!
    And now you are almost “Home”, ahead of us! There is is no more pain and suffering. Give Jesus a hug from us when you see Him.
    John 14:1-3
    With Love
    Willy and Heike

  98. Robin Beasse Said:

    Henk, You might not remember me, but I wanted you to know that I am very thankful that you took the time after a service at Richmond Christian Fellowship in 1989 August to invite me to your home and there you lead me through the sinners prayer. That day Christ came into my heart and life, and has remained ever since.

    I am very sad and sorry to hear that your health is poor. But I am also a bit jealous that you get to find out more clearly about what comes next in life. Before I do.

    My friend, I am sure that God is in control and that he has a great place waiting for you. I remember very clearly your home in Richmond many years ago that you had tons and tons of cd’s with great music. With that in mind, I can only imagine how much more music will be waiting for you to both play and listen too when you go to see our father.

    Henk, If you come through this season of physical weekness(and i pray that you do) I would like to come and visit you. If you do not, then , Please accept my sincere thankfullness for your love of the lord and how you showed it to me many years ago.

    Someone you led to Christ,

    Robin Beasse

  99. Shannon Joseph Said:

    Dear Lisa.
    Pease give Henk a gentle hug from me and let him know I am praying for him. I have shared with Henk how the Lord put him in the aisle of New Life(downtown) and as he was straightening chairs, the Lord gave him a word for me. That was the weekend I gave my life to the Lord and Henk was part of it. It was February 18, 1991. You both have been very important in my Christian life and Henk’s early encouragement to join mini church and visit churches on Vancouver Island helped to anchor my faith in those first months.

    Thinking of you and your family,

    Shannon Joseph

  100. Patricia & Brian Lee Said:

    Dear Henk,
    It’s been so long since we’ve seen you.
    I guess we go through seasons of life as it says in Ecclesiastes.
    We always had such good times with you and your family. We have great memories of makin’ music with you and Lisa. You were always such a blessing to us. You and your family always made us feel so welcome in your home. Thanks for all the great times. The best thing you have in your life besides your wonderful family is Jesus. May you find peace and comfort in His presence. We love you all and you are in our thoughts and prayers….
    Patricia and Brian Lee.

  101. Henk's clients Said:

    Henk you are one of the most caring men I know. You have spread such love and joy through your zest for life. Your commitment to making and building relationships with people, as witnessed by me, has truly made me feel blessed. A man of special deeds, and tricks, that surely have brought a smile to our faces more than once for: our son Rob, my mom Marie and me. Henk just by your nature you have eased my sadness on more than one occasion and brought pause to think and understand life more simply through your remarkable stories and actions.

    May God Bless all of you through this Journey with love and best wishes for a man and a family that has truly been a blessing in our lives.
    Sue Heffernan, Rob Sanderson and Marie Sharp

  102. Craig Mowrey, CT Said:


    I met you only once at the scenic Waterbury Friendly’s Restaurant, but I have known you through your son, Nico, for many years. I have never known a son to speak more highly of his father, Henk – he adores you. He knows you aren’t perfect, but your love for him, his mother, and his siblings, and your very transparent, authentic lifestyle has shaped him in profound ways. Since I have been working in youth ministry for 10 years now, I have noticed some consistencies. Children who love Jesus, honor and love others, and strive to give their lives away for the sake of the Kingdom of God almost always have at least one parent who modeled that lifestyle to them. Henk, you have been a good and faithful father and your son is well pleased with you. He is so proud to be your son and to follow Jesus in many of the same ways that he has seen you follow your Savior.

    Brother, know that I am praying for you and your entire family and that I have made a lifelong friend in your son and will not abandon him under any circumstance. May you truly experience the peace of the Lord, the love of your friends and family, and prayers of your extended family.
    Much Love,


  103. Ingrid Fluevog (Sova) Said:

    Hello Henk! I received news about your dwindling health via circuitous email and was sorry to hear it. But your name brought an instantaneous smile to my face with the flood of fond memories – reaching back some years ago now. I even got out my photo album with thoughts of sending you a photo but decided they were all pretty bad- except the zillions of photos of Kenny with his tooth missing, eyes crossed and baseball cap backwards -but who wants to see that??( once was enough) But my memories are of a lot of laughter and good times shared. And I continue to be impressed with both of you in my memories of Lisa calmly making supper as you drummed up a storm in the next room after coming home from work. And even though the memories are from years back, they are still fresh in my mind and in a small way, have shaped me into who I am today. I want to say that I am honored to have shared time together with you on this earth. Thanks for being you. And when my time comes, maybe you could pass the word on to God that I don’t really like pink so much-so could he do my room up in any other color? 🙂
    This is one of my favorite passages which I would like to share with you:

    Do not be afraid for I have redeemed you:
    I have called you by your name, you are mine.
    Should you pass through the sea, I will be with you;
    or through rivers, they will not swallow you up.
    Should you walk through fire, you will not be scorched
    and the flames will not burn you.
    For I am Yahweh, your god,
    the Hold One of Israel, your saviour.
    Isaiah 43; 1-3

    with hugs and love
    Ingrid Fluevog (Sova)

  104. Dale Beasse Said:

    Dear Henk,

    I’m writing to tell you what you meant to me.

    My first memory of you is your home group with Ron, Audrey, Jane McCormick, yourself & Lisa right after I became a Christian. It was the first time in my life I experienced complete strangers as safe. I remember your stereo speakers & the great music in your home. I remember you praying for me with Audrey before I knew what being prayed for, was about. I remember you leading my brother to Christ. Robin told every other person in his life before he told me. I remember you calling me on my bullshit at the picnic on Kerrisdale beach with the Plaster’s. I remember you playing the drums leading worship at the Vineyard with Karen and the whole crew. I want you to know I’m happy. I’m a pretty good husband and father now, and you were a part of that change. Thank you, I will never forget you.

    My very best regards,
    Dale Béasse

  105. Andy Park Said:

    Dear Henk,

    This news comes as a shock…I didn’t even know you were sick.
    My brother, may God’s wonderful peace be with you.

    I was just thinking about you a day or two ago, wondering if you were doing any drumming these days!

    We’ve had lots of fun in days gone by, haven’t we!? Those conferences in England in ‘89 and ‘90 were unforgettable. What a party. You played a big part in making that team a joy to be with. And those early Langley Vineyard days were something else.
    Thanks for being such a good brother, a good supportive worship team member.
    Thanks for lots of good laughs.
    Thanks for being a Rambo-ministry team guy!! Praying and prophesying like a wild man!

    I’m so glad that you have your family around you. The older I get the more I value my family. However long God may give you on this earth, isn’t it great to know that you’re leaving a legacy of children who know God and love him. You’re passing along the best possible thing – relationship with the Lord.

    I recently found an unfinished song that I started working on last year. The words I have so far are:
    “When the sun goes down on this life of mine
    I’ll be waiting for your light to shine”.

    Henk, may the Lord bless you and make his light to shine upon you and may he give you peace”.
    I pray that in the last season of your life he will reveal himself to you in new ways, fill you with new joy and insight.

    All God’s blessings to you, Henk.
    With much love,


  106. Rick Jorgenson Said:

    Dear Henk,
    Karen and I are very sorry to hear about your health condition,but are still praying.
    We haven’t seen each other since we visited you at the Penticton Vineyard many years ago.
    What I remember most about you,Henk,is your zest for life,in full measure,whether playing drums,or praying for someone.
    I also remember your generous spirit;always ready to help someone out,or feeding me big chunks of Dutch cheese and bread
    at your house in Richmond.
    I remember our late nights cleaning up the Mcpherson Convention Centre,20+ years ago,after wedding receptions,etc.,to get the building ready for church in the morning,usually with some new jazz tape blaring over the PA system.
    Many times the sun was coming up when we were finishing up.
    Thanks again,for being best man at our wedding,Henk.
    I also remember following you in a car,trying to keep up.
    A verse comes to mind about that.
    “…and the driving is like the driving of Jehu the son of Nimshi,
    for he drives furiously!”
    It has been an honour and privledge to know you,Henk.
    You are definately one of a kind!

    Love,peace,and joy to you,Henk!


  107. Georges and Judy Jones Said:

    I am speachless and awestruck at how many memories and blessed friends you beautiful people have= true friends. Keep shining the wonderful, original way you do Henk, Lisa and the rest of your family. Lisa and family – please remember that when you come to Antoni Pezzola’s to get your hair trimmed, you are so welcome to have some cool delicious thing (whatever you want) to drink and our home is yours to enjoy with us – anytime. Yes, we still live in Willowbrook – 45 minutes south of Penticton. In actual fact, if George drives, it is 30 minutes from the Penticton Airport.
    We continue to pray for God’s miracle for all of you. In His marvelous Grip. lots of love george and judy

  108. Don Biggar Said:

    Henk, you and Lisa and your whole family have touched so many of us with your love and generosity. I have so many thoughts and memories running through my head of our times together. Here is just a few.
    I recall:
    …practicing music in your back shed, when you guys lived in Richmond, with the wood stove smoking us out.
    … experiencing the unique taste of Advocate and gouda cheese late at night while playing cards.
    …good strong coffee!! and great breakfasts..
    … learning to make a garbage bag fit properly in the waste basket by tying a knot in the corner.
    …you being the first to show all of us guys that carrying a “man purse” is not only practicle but also fashionable.
    … playing together …working together… praying together …laughing together…dreaming together.
    You have been and always will be an inspration to me. I count myself truly blessed to call you my friend!

    Much Love

  109. Bill & Grace Wasylkiw Said:

    Dearest Lisa & Family,
    FIRSTLY, Tell Henk that Bill & Grace really, really love him and so appreciate who he is. We esteem you HIGHLY, Henk. It is obvious to us what an important part of the Body of Christ you are. We are so thankful for your part in our lives and only wish our paths could enable us to enjoy you more. As soon as Grace read the email, the thought came … “Too Soon to Go” and we have not stopped asking our God of love and miracles to give you complete recovery and restore you back to your family. May All of God’s plans and purposes for Henk come to pass … that His Kingdom will come and His will be done here on earth in Henk’s and your lives as it is done in Heaven.

    Extra Big Hugs and Love to you two,
    Bill & Grace Wasylkiw

  110. Teresa Paul Said:

    Please tell Henk his generosity and ability to just kick us in the pants when we needed it got us to where we are today. I remember so many kindnesses from him and your Mom. Borrowing the yummy vanilla smelling car to drive to Kelowna for Young Life and many meals with lots of yummy cheese and bread with sprinkles. Like how cool is that? Your parents were incredible mentors in my walk early on. I would not be who I am without their influence. It’s priceless man. I would have liked to have spent more time with your Dad and Mom.
    Give my love to your Dad. I love him and at this moment wish for him to know the fragrance of God’s presence, thick in the room around him. For your Mom also, and the girls and you of course…My arms around you to comfort you. Wish we were closer. Teresa

  111. Peter and Janet Hill Said:

    Found out only yesterday Henk about you.
    New Life gave me your home # and Nico was very helpful and gave this blog address to me.
    Our pathways have crossed randomly over the years(I guess if I was a musician then it may have been different!)but soon after getting to know you I grew to appreciate you Henk. Your smile, your relaxed way of relating, your quality of showing true interest in anything I had to share at the time and the ‘eye laughter’ that was pecularly yours – telling the listener you were having fun and you wanted them to join in!
    The unreligious way of life that you evidently lived while at the same time a deep personal relationship with the Father was clearly your experience – so now it looks like you are going to get a ‘jump start’ on the rest of us, unless the Father has other plans…
    Prayin’ for you Henk, Pete&Jan

  112. Rick & Anne Campbell Said:

    Dearest Henk,

    When we were still young Christians, you & Lisa, & Ron & Audrey opened our hearts and minds to God in a new and wonderful way. When we think of you now we remember Him—His tender heart, His abiding love. He says to you at this moment “Do not fear. Endure the pain with courage. I have prepared a place for you, better than you think.” Soon your big heart will one with His.

    All our love
    Rick and Anne

  113. Patrick Ryan Said:

    I must admit that I never really knew Henk however we always said Hello and I last Talk to him a few weeks ago when he dropped by the church a place where I talk with many of the family.

    I have come to realize that your walk is what Jesus must have called us to, to love the Lord with our heart soul and might and to love oneother as we would be loved.

    we see the messages and hear so many prayers for you and feel that you must have got much of it right.. You are a blessing to many. You are a blessing to me as a prayer warrior and I am honored to have met you and to know that there is a goal to attain and hope in our destiny

    Lately I have been praying for peace for you and Lisa as you step into this marvellous time. (an attaining of our spiritual goals)

    Thank you for being who you are and for the example you have given us all to emulate

    you are a blessing to us all , Jesus loves you and so do I


  114. Doreen Munro Said:

    Dear Henk ,Lisa ,and family,

    Thank you for this opportunity to share the love I have for you all as well.

    Memories of the funky clothing store on Bernard where more ministry happened than the selling of fine couture! In particular my two younger sisters visiting at different times in thier lives when we came shopping in your boutique. Both times each sister recieved great clothing of which they can’t remember but more importantly Henk left the register in my uncapable hands (though I did sell a couple complete outfits, I just couldn’t ring them in! I had to take cash.). Again Henk left the register to give my sister (Dana) a ‘word’. An unfamiliar experience to at this piont in her life. The message was so from the heart of GOD that it still impacts her to this day. She always goes to her heart when in rememberance of you and her visit to Kelowna. That ,dear friend ,is a wonderful legacy. That skillfull pionting us back to the heart of our Father. Well done.

    Again, another sister (Donna) Desparate to recieve a similar gift and specifically requested a ‘chance meeting’ with Henk. Okay, how to set that up I wondered. We ended up at a ministry time at New Life, enjoying the worship, praying for others when Henk came by to say “HI”. He again came with a word of wisdom that set my sister free in areas that had kept her captive for most of her life. She continues in her resolve that God is real and speaks to her directly. How many ways is God trying to get that through to us? You communicate His heart and wisdom in a seemingly effortless way.

    My experience has not only been through others but personally. You draw me as well to that honest place. The challenge to be completely in the light. You create the safe place of ‘being’ there in the light, unashamed. Hopeful and anticipating the God of the Universe touching me, affecting me, loving me. You did this for me.

    You really do have the heart beat of the Father. Thank you so much for sharing that with me.

    I Love You Dear Brother, Dear Friend!

    Doreen Munro

  115. ruth young Said:

    wow!!!!!!!!! Henk, that was the best preach i’ve EVER heard and you didn’t even open your mouth!!!!!!!!!!!! (i just read through your letters that have been sent to you) i’m inspired, convicted , challenged and want to be just like you when i grow up!!(smile) o.k. , maybe not the tough old dutchman part with a goutee, but the tenderhearted and sensitive to the spirit of God part! you are truly a “barnabas”. an encourager who speaks life to the spirit! and you obviously have brought life to a few parties to by the sounds if it, !! another good preach, ” how to love God and have fun , too!!!! my heart and mind have wrestled violently with God over you and he’s reminded me that if “his eye is on little sparrow” then a big ole dutchman will certainly have the hand of the sovereign Lord covering him. thank you Henk for all that you’ve given to this sad old world , thank you for continuing to celebrate and worship Jesus in the midst of all the questions and heartache . it’s not often that a nasty hospital room gets to fill in for a place of worship. i’m sure those that have come in to help you in the medical realm have left with some help in the spiritual realm!!!!!!!!!! God bless you deep in your spirit my friend , ruth

  116. trisha robins Said:

    The first few conversations I had with you, it took all the strength I could muster up to hold back the tears, and then I sobbed after we parted our ways. You knew how to push my buttons well. I didn’t think I liked you very much to start, but I know now I just didn’t like the way I felt.
    Fast forward to say, 17 years later, and… I love you and I love your ways.
    The way you say it, plain and simple, no pretty packages.
    The way you do it, no procrastinating… and done.
    The way you give it, with everything you’ve got.
    The way you live it, honestly.
    The way you take it, thankfully.
    The way you share it, generously.
    The way you teach it, effectively
    The way you love, so we know it.

    The other night when we came to see you nothing much was said as you were resting, but you piped up and said, “You guys aren’t giving up yet are you.. come on…pray for me.”
    You are such a trooper, you are amazing to me. The way you don’t give up…..I just want you to know Henk as long as you are wanting that, I wont give up. That ‘s my promise to you.
    I love you my friend,

  117. Catherine & John Byl Said:

    Dear Henk,

    We have heard that you are very ill, but strong in the Lord. It is wonderful to read the testimony of many folks on this blog who have been richly blessed by your life. It is our prayer that God may surround you and Lisa and your family with His amazing love and peace.

    Memories went back to when you first arrived in Canada some 30+ years ago and your involvement with, “The Praisemakers,” in Burnaby, B.C. as the drummer, as well as the Narrator, in “The Great Hallel,” based on the last five Psalms,145-150.

    I recall that some of the narration included, “The Lord is faithful to all his promises and loving toward all he has made. The Lord upholds all those who fall and lifts up all who are bowed down. The eyes of all look to you, and you give them their food at the proper time. You open your hand satisfy the desires of every living thing…My mouth will speak in praise of the Lord. Let every creature praise his holy name for ever and ever.”

    Just recently John had to part with a leather wallet which you had made for him Henk back in late 70’s. It remarkable that it lasted over 30 years–great leather craftsmanship! You have been remembered daily through all these years.

    With our love and prayers,

    Catherine & John Byl (Hamilton, ON)

  118. Dean Clark Said:

    I am really having a hard time imagining a world without you in it. I am still praying every day and hoping for a miracle. I remember when i lived in Calgary and i would be in town and i would drop in unexpectedly you would open the door with a wide grin and invite me in as if you had been expecting me. We would do the bear hug then you would imediatly put the coffee on and start burning me cd’s of what ever new music you were listening to at the time.
    I love your passion for good music.
    Every time i would see you it was like the day before we were
    together and we would get to the stuff that matter’s right away.
    I am sad that in the past year and a half we have lived here we have’nt seen as much of each other. I guess because i knew we could hook up whenever we wanted i put off for when things were less busy. I see now what a mistake that was and i would give anything for a second chance of enjoying more time together.
    Henk you are a true friend. You have only been a blessing and encouragment to me. I pray that you feel God holding you and walking with you through this unfamlier part of the journey in your
    Your friend through eternity

  119. Janna Nysewander Said:

    Dear Henk,

    I thought I would write another note to let you know how much I LOVE YOU!!! Never have I felt a dad’s love as intensely from someone other than my own–thank you for your father’s love to me. I feel so blessed to have had you in my life all these years. Your counsel, your speaking into my life, and your loving me through some really hard things I will always keep in my heart and as close to the forefront of my mind as possible.

    You’ve taught me so much with your words, but especially with your actions of love and acceptance and understanding–and your big bear-hugs are the best thing ever. Thank you for everything. I’ll always remember the last thing you said to me over the phone on Christmas Eve morning–“I love you… I really love you.” I really love you too, Henk! You’re an awesome Dad!

    I pray blessing on you as you go through these last stages of life. I know you’ve been blessing others immensely, but I want you to be blessed most of all. It’s your time. Drink it in. You’re so worth it!

    All my love,
    Janna, your Minnesota daughter

  120. Arthur Klassen Said:

    I, too, am richer by far
    (though I never ever rode in your car)
    for having crossed paths with you, Henk.

    You supported and accepted me when others limited their praise, and for that I will always be grateful.

    As you did with others, you pointed artists out to me, too — and took some introductions from me as well, if I recall correctly. But my memories are so sparse and are colored with memories of hachelslach (I expect the heavenly supply of chocolate to sag with your arrival. Good thing they’ll have nothing but the best) and electronic drums (supplemented always, with other, wilder, weirder things) that I wouldn’t trust them too much on that score.

    Whenever I feel limited by my circumstances, I’ll have to think of you and remember that unpredictability is something one has to add for oneself and that done right it always enriches those one is surounded by.

    If the party in glory hadn’t started yet, with you there before me, I know it’ll be in full swing by the time I get there myself. There will be scads of others who have more legitimate claims on your “time” there (from an eternal perspective, what is this “time” thing?), but save a few spots on your program for a number or two where I get to play keys back there too, will ya?


  121. Joy Graves Said:

    Dear Henk and Lisa and family.
    I have been reading these each day and knew I needed to write, just wasn’t sure what to say. The time is now…
    Henk, you were the one who brought me into the Father’s love and showed me that Christianity is not of the law, but of the Spirit.
    You were the one who held me through a “dark night of the soul” and showed me there was light at the end of the tunnel.
    You challenged my ideas of what it is to be a Christian through your complete abandonment of living the way in which other’s expect us to live.
    You love completely, radically and fiercely those whom others judged as nothing.
    I shall see you in Glory!!
    Lisa and family, our prayers and tears are with you!
    With all my love and thanks,

  122. Brenda Zarr Said:

    The first time I seen Henk was at New Life Church in Kelowna, BC, Wes Campbell was preaching and Henk was moved by the Holy Spirit to take the microphone and speak on behalf for the single mothers in this world, I was so moved, to this day I believed out of Henk’s obedience, that act was just for me and God touched me to believe and have faith, thank you Henk.

    Not long ago after that he washed my feet at a weekend healing retreat I attended, called True Connections. This is were I saw a man whom I would be honored to know if given a chance, thank you for letting me be apart of your world and thank you for inviting me into your home group!

    Henk you have spoken so much in my life, prayed for, and encourage me to move on and to look up, for that is where life is. You are an incredible advocate for single mothers, thank you once again.

    I will always cherish my memories with you and Lisa, until we meet again!
    May God’s love envelope you,
    May he shine upon you and keep you safe,,

    With all my love,
    Brenda Zarr +

  123. George Probek Said:

    Dear Henk, Lisa and family

    Hello. Just letting you know you that my prayers and thoughts have been with you all during this ‘journey’. Even though I have only known you a little bit over the years, I know that these past few months has been a season for me to keep you in prayer and know that you know that God’s presence has been with you through this all.

    I have been strengthened in just being able to share a bit of this journey with you and know without a doubt that the God of all comfort has been with you each day, each hour. Jesus indeed has given you life, Henk, and His life is being given to others, even as such a time as this.

    Continue to be strong and of good courage. The Lord God is with you.

    With much love and prayers,

  124. Brian Thiessen Said:

    I will always remember you with a smile on my face. The various minstry trips around the world, and the good bunch of laughs we had doing the Edmonton conference. thank you henk for the times that you had prayed for me. 19 years later and I still remember the words, a bit of a prophetic thing which I’ve had up on the shelf for all these years, and have seen it come about in many ways, and will continue to hold it as an invitation.
    It’s an honor to have known you, and to have played together.
    In His Keeping,

  125. karolyn burch Said:

    Dear Henk….
    you may not even remember this; One of the first times I led worship
    at WPC, you were on my team playing your drum……you knew I was
    so nervous and fighting great fear within my soul……
    you became like the voice of Jesus to me, encouraging me
    to keep my eyes on HIM.
    During that same service, there was communion taken, and the
    worship team stayed seated on stage, YOU shared communion
    with me and blessed me in the name of Jesus….It was the sweetest
    act of a servant I have EVER tasted within the church of God…..I
    will never forget this Henk. Thank you for being the hands and feet
    and mouth of Jesus to me!
    I envy you……you are so close to looking into the eyes of Jesus…..
    I can’t even imagine your anticipation and yet sorrow to leave
    behind your dear wife and family…..we are praying for you all.
    Karolyn Burch

  126. Ruth Lamb Said:


    Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and your dear family! This blog site clearly declares that you are well-loved!
    Having recently returned from Pastor Bob Birch’s memorial service in Vancouver (he was a few weeks shy of his 100th), I was reminded of a celebration we had at BCF about 10 years ago. (I can’t remember if it was his 90th birthday party or when the chapter of BCF was closing and we gathered to thank God for his faithfulness to us). Either way, we had taken our whole family and were sitting in the audience when my youngest son turned to me and said in somewhat of a shocked/excited voice:
    “Mom, look up there!” I didn’t know what he meant so he clarified, “Look on stage – at the drummer – have you ever seen such an old drummer before!?!?!” When I looked my immediate response was accompanied by a laugh-out-too-loud, “He’s not old, that’s Henk Boesten. He’s cool!”
    On a personal note, I’ll never forget the word of the Lord given to me by Henk many years ago to which I heeded. (At the time our family was continuing to grow and grow:) and we were involved in full-time ministry and I think the weight of responsibility had crept on me more than I realized and Henk’s word was simple, “You need to learn how to play again…” I’ve never forgotten those words and they have been part of my journey in following Jesus whether leading a family, a church or whatever God puts in our hand to do. And finally Henk, if God chooses to take you home, it’s interesting that after such a faithful life, in a short time, you will be faithless! You will have no more faith – your faith will be sight! It’s like your whole life you’re on facebook but then you will see him face-to-face! Bless you dear Henk and those that surround you now.
    Much love,

  127. Johan en Hannie Bosua Said:

    Dearest Henk and Lisa,
    I really want to express myself in English…. But I’am better in dutch.

    Ik bid dat de vrede van God je optilt.
    je rust geeft.
    je hart raakt.
    je helpt loslaten.
    je lichaam aanraakt
    je adem geeft.
    je tranen opvangt.
    je dromen beheerst.

    De Here zegent je en beschermt je…….
    De Here zal met het licht van zijn ogen naar je kijken
    en zal je genadig zijn.
    De Here verhoogt je terwijl Hij je aanziet, je als Jezus aanziet
    en geeft je zijn vrede!

    Shalom, Johan en Hannie

  128. Johan en Hannie Bosua Said:

    Just the words of a song that came into my mind:

    I am waiting in a silent prayer.
    I am frightened by the load I bear.
    In a world as cold as stone,
    Must I walk this path alone?
    Be with me now.
    Be with me now.

    Breath of heaven,
    Hold me together,
    Be forever near me,
    Breath of heaven.
    Breath of heaven,
    Lighten my darkness,
    Pour over me your holiness,
    For you are holy.
    Breath of heaven.


  129. Brenton Froehlich Said:

    Henk, Lisa and family,

    The legacy of Godly men is large and enduring. It is truly the treasure in Heaven our Saviour spoke of in the Gospels…While much of this treasure is never known by the hearts and minds of men, some of us at various time are the recipient of such treasure.

    Seventeen years ago at mini-church in Peachland when you and Lisa led worship, you introduced me to playing the guitar. You patiently allowed me to play along and learn how to play and how to lead others in worship with music. You watered something in me that The Father had planted; a passion for worship with music. Becasue of your obedience I not only learned how to play the guitar but how to lead others in worhsip with music. Two songs that you introduced me to will always be played with your memory close at hand; “Only The Blood” and “Thy KIngdom Come”. I think that one of the most powerful worship experiences I can remember was listening to Thy Kingdom Come for the first time at your place in Penticton.

    Today, your infuence on my life has been passed on to my kids. My 14 year old daughter Bethany and my 9 year old son Nathan are both passionate about playing the guitar and worshiping with music. While Nathan is just learning, Bethany is becoming quite accomplished, writes her own music and just purcashed her first electric guitar and amp.

    Henk, this is part of your treasure in Heaven, this is part of your legacy; a legacy that will continue to grow and bear fruit in this generation and generations to come.

    “….when he has been proved he will recieve the Crown of Life which the Lord has promised to those that love Him” James 1:12

    Love Brent

  130. Arlene and Terry Kubin Said:

    Dearest Henk, Lisa and family,
    Knowing you are suffering like this hurts us to the core. You, Lisa and your family are family to us and have been for over 20 years. We wil always cherish the closeness we’ve always had with you in a relationship of safety,honesty and transparency. The unconditional love we have always had for each other birthed a deep trust that can never be erased. We continue to pray for you day and night.
    With all our love now and always!
    Arlene and Terry Kubin

  131. Sunday evening the 17 th of Feb.
    We continue to pray for you Henk , Lisa and family. May His presence and peace continue to surround you and carry you through this time.
    We were so blessed to see you a couple of weeks ago and so Thankful to God for arranging our trip to Kelowna for that weekend.
    In our Vineyard days what a great time we have had with you and what great fun it was worshipping , praying and just delighting in life. So many memories of seeing your heart of God’s love for others. Bob and you were the tag team of ministry. And your teaching of Kids Kingdom ministry ,kids can do the stuff too had a huge impact for our kids. As Jen would say Henk “Rocks.”
    We send you our love and prayers .
    Love Bob and Judy

  132. Reece Worsfold Said:

    Hey Henk-

    Oh my heart is sad – not so much for you, because you’re crossing over to something we only dream of, and can’t even imagine, but for your dear family. I know the hole you leave will be felt deeply- but I also know that your influence and love will only continue to grow.

    I’m remembering my first interactions with you- modelling your funky clothes- I felt so out of my comfort zone, but you were comfortable.

    And then . . . you so creatively and graciously outfitted our whole tambourine team in a line from your boutique- same fabric, but we all got to choose outfits that represented us . . . it was so much fun! I must say, those were great outifts- much better than some of our later picks!

    Shawn and I were in our early days of ministry, and I was a young mom with a pocket full of kiddos- and several times you blessed me with beautiful clothes from your store that I couldn’t have even hoped to buy on my own. It sounds funny- but it was just what I needed at that season in my life. Thank you for noticing- and for acting.

    I think the biggest tribute to your life Henk is your family. We love and admire all your kids- we truly do . . . and your dear wife Lisa- she is a content, beautiful woman who is confident in the love of her husband. That speaks so loudly to me about the kind of man you are.

    I’ll miss you,

    love Reece

  133. Mark Graves Said:

    Hello to the Boesten’s and all of our prayers and love go out to you at this time. In the midst of life and the knowledge that my words will always be inadequate to express all that I feel I have written and rewritten a hundred times and still feel lost.
    Henk, Lisa, and all; Joy and I will always treasure your friendship and mentoring in our lives.
    My fondest memories are of ministry times we spent together Henk; and the true joy that you felt when you saw God move in other people’s lives. Many conferences, and many times together travelling, worshipping, and praying.
    My favourite Henkism was travelling down the road at a rapid rate of speed on the way to a conference in Seattle. “Henk, don’t you think we should slow down?” and the response was a prayer “Lord, keep the fuzz away!”.
    There are some who would say that the church was too good for you; but I tend to believe the opposite that you were too good for the church and it could never understand the radical love and concern that you felt for the ones that others had discarded, or given up on. Your passion for the lost and the abandoned can never be quenched in the lives of those you touched.
    Even as we sat together in September 2007 you talked with passion about the ones who you were caring for and ministering to. You have touched me and encouraged me through the last 20 years in ways that I can never explain with words; and thoughts of you are never far from my heart.
    I am truly astounded by the foreknowledge of a Father in heaven who could pick this past year to move a corporation to send me across the continent for work and a paid weekend to visit in BC. I guess that is the kind of Father you have always taught others about; one who is extravagant and giving to those who don’t deserve it.
    God bless you all and thank-you for all that you have given us and blessed us with.
    Now unto Him who is able to keep you from falling, and who will present you faultless before His presence (and He will do that with much joy and dancing) ; unto Him be the glory, the honour, and all of the majesty from this time and forever!

    MG from Stratford, Ontario

  134. Jocelyn Hamm Said:

    I had the privilege of playing with Henk in the worship band at
    Willow Park awhile ago and was drawn by his magnetic personality. Henk was doing percussion right next to me at the piano, and although I was quite new and somewhat nervous about playing,
    his warmth and friendliness set me at ease almost immediately. Prior to the services, we had a prayer time together, and I still remember the words he prayed….”that God’s Spirit would
    sweep through the sanctuary from one end to the other”. His words moved me as he prayed those simple words with such passion. I still feel inspired whenever I think of him.
    By the end of our weekend of worship, I felt like I had known him alot longer than those few days.

    Jocelyn Hamm

  135. sams1rcs Said:

    Hey Henk,

    The very thought of you brings a smile to my heart and face. You have had quite the life and have touched so many people in such a positive way. Thank you for the many encouragements you ahve brought my way. You are such a very special person, God blessed and a Believer who blessed just by being yourself!
    I hope to follow your example in being a witness of a passionate follower of and witness for Jesus Christ our Lord!
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family daily in this time. And it sounds like God is answering – in giving you peace.
    Warm and loving greetings! Sam

  136. Bob and Sandy Dring Said:

    What an honor to know in this earth place Henk and Lisa and to have been a recipient of their powerful ministry. We know that many others have experienced Henk’s impact on their lives.. However, one of the greatest gifts to this world that Henk and Lisa leave are their children. We have been soooooooooo blessed by Nico and Ingrid. You guys have raised an over the top son. We can only imagine what your wonderful girls are like. What a legacy!

    The best way to honor a life is to keep doing what that people we respect started.

    Blesssings and love,

    Bob and Sandy

  137. Lisa Chamberlain,Calgary Said:

    Henk and Lisa,

    Meeting you was special, seeing you is special. My heart has not felt this kind of sadness, and I cry so deeply. Dave and I cry together because you have been a father to the fatherless. You have given me strength in times of turmoil, even when our paths have been apart for a few years.
    I will have hope in the sadness, because I will always remember you saying: “Do you know what gets me guys?….Is that we will be together forever in Heaven.”
    I wish I could have been there to get your blessing.
    Love Lisa

  138. Karen Beasse (Toews) Said:

    Dear Henk and Lisa,
    The Lord bless you and keep you.
    The Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you.
    The Lord lift the light of His countenance on you
    And give you peace.

    Much Love

  139. Nancy Riley Said:

    Dear Henk,

    When I think of you, I think spiritual father. You are one to many and you have passed that inheritance on to your son. It was such an honor to have you come to our youth leaders retreat while Nico was Youth Pastor. You mentored us all with an adventurous, liberated, playful spirit and with the heart of a loving, transparent, wise father. You opened my eyes to understanding my inheritance in the Lord and to passionately go after it. Most of all, through your example, you helped me trust my heavenly Father more deeply. I honor you, and the rich inheritance you have deposited in your family. God bless you!

    Love and peace,

  140. Mark and Lynn Braun from Oregon Said:

    Henk and Lisa
    Mark and I were so happy to finally get a chance to get acquainted with you two at Jason Hol’s wedding last June – after so many years of hearing about you from Dick and Karen Hol. We wanted to let you know that we are praying for you all. If there’s anything we can do – please let us know. Blessings, Mark and Lynn Braun, Oregon

  141. Bob Kirk Said:

    I cry for you…
    I know you have no more pain or sorrow now and you get to dance before our Lord…
    Bless you, Bless you…
    Thank you for your heart and soul and an example of how to go for broke…
    I love you

  142. Joel Strauss Said:

    Henk, I have many memories playing drums on stage, right a long side of you. You are a memorable part of my childhood. I still have images in my mind of us glancing back and forth at each other, feeling out the rhythm. I won’t forget your unwavering passion for music, people, life, and God. Your sense of humor is another thing that I’ve greatly admired, and will always stick with me… I look forward to playing music with you again…

    Love Joel

  143. Dave, RN at KGH Said:

    Lisa and family:
    This is Dave, the RN on 4A that looked after Henk a bit when he was
    in hospital.
    I just wanted to pass along my sympathies and condolences on Henk’s passing.
    I’m so encouraged by the testimony of you and Henk through this
    trial. It speaks so clearly of God’s sustenance, provision, peace and comfort through life’s hard times. So thank you for that. I know that you and Henk have touched the heart and lives of so many that have had the privilege of being a part of your lives over
    the past while. My prayers for God’s ongoing peace and comfort for you as you continue mourning his physical departure, yet rejoice in his eternal celebration.

  144. Don Campbell Said:

    Dear Henk,

    I know you’re watching and listening, Even though you are gone we can still hear you.

    You’ve been a teacher for me. You led by example and I’m grateful for knowing you.

    One of the most profound statements ever shared was through you. You said “never trust a man without a limp.”

    It took me awhile to really get that. We are all flawed and in that we can see and celebrate our humanity.

    Thank you Henk for your teachings, your love for us all.

    Don Campbell

  145. Karen & Phil Cowling Said:

    Dearest Lisa and family:

    Phil and I were so saddened for you to read of Henk’s passing. It all seemed to happen so fast from the last time we saw you it was a shock. I had continued to say little arrow prayer’s for Henk’s healing when God brought him to mind, but it guess it was not meant to be.

    Thank God we can rejoice that he is now in Heaven and free from all suffering and pain, and waiting in anticipation to be re-united with all of you in the future. Just know our sympathies, thoughts, and prayers are with you as you travel this difficult part of your journey. We did not know Henk well, but we will after we read all the wonderful comments that have been posted on this site.

    May the God of all comfort bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you. I know He will take care of you in wonderful and unexpected ways.

    Lovingly in Christ, Karen and Phil Cowling

  146. Janice (McGregor) Clark - Calgary Said:

    Dear Lisa and Family;

    I first got to know Henk when he came to Calgary in the early 90’s and played drums for the worship band Dean Clark was leading and I was doing BGV’s… I remember it clearly b/c I was arguing with God (ok yelling) in my car about very specific things just before walking into the church to rehease for the concert and Henk made a beeline for me and started praying for me — it was perhaps the most accurate response from God through one of his people (and also a telling off that I did indeed need). He was so great to have around b/c he cut through the the youknowwhat and got right to the point, as well as being so much fun. The next time our paths crossed was a trip to England and he kept dragging me around to pray for people — he would say things like “this girl has a word for you and it’s the real thing” (I’d be thinking, I do? and then I’d pray and I did, who knew?) he always encouraging me to risk more, do more and ask God for more — the next time was when I was in Kelowna visiting and now married and again prayed some things for us that later would be words to hold onto when my own husband went through his own battle with cancer… and my husbands own subsequent home-going.

    It’s strange really, that while I didn’t spend a great deal of time with Henk, looking back each time was significant and so very honest.

    Of course, what was always evident; was his great love for you Lisa and for his children — there was never a question on the depth and width of that love. So you will definately be in my prayers over the next months especially…

    I have no doubt he had a HUGE reception/party and a darn good drum set…

    Love, Janice

  147. john & judy neufeld Said:

    hi lisa boesten and family

    we remember coming over for dinner one night and with having a mutual friend in common (todd). i remember having a great dinner and the countless questions and one line puns that we were throwing at each other. i also remember the countless times that we -meaning henk and i were talking and it was almost like me talking to my own father. i know that he is in caring hands with the father up above.

    i really miss him. i am glad that i was able to have henk as a friend and being able to call him that. i also remember that he was going to detail my husbands truck here about 1 year ago.

    i just wish that i could have seen him before he passed away.

    we miss you henk.

  148. Pamela Whyte Said:

    I am sitting here in shock. Roderick and I were just sitting here listening to Bruce Cockburn singing “Great Big Love”, and I said “you know, this song always makes me think of the Boestens, I wonder how they are?” And I googled Henk, and here is what I found.

    In the year before Roderick and I married Henk and Lisa had us for dinner at least once per month, and fed us decadent, delicious, and often very spicy food, while good music played on the stereo, little Simone sat on my lap, and we talked and talked and talked about significant things. And laughed, we did a lot of laughing.

    I was always impressed with the love around that table, the love between Nico and Simone, between Henk and Lisa, and between the children and their parents, and I hoped that one day Roderick and I might have a similar table, and now 16 years later, I think perhaps we do! I wish I had thought to say this years earlier: Thank you Henk and Lisa, and Nico and Simone for your friendship, your mentoring, your encouragement, and your belief in us.

    Love Pamela, (for Roderick too…)

  149. Kaz from Oz Said:

    I’m a little late, but I just wanted to throw in my piece.

    I never knew Henk, I’m an old friend from Hannah’s travelling and YWAM days in Australia. She always spoke so highly and with such admiration of her dad, and I always felt both he and Lisa accepted me as part of the family. Ill always remember the letter you sent, Lisa, welcoming me to come and stay with your family any time.

    From the stories written here it’s plain to see what an incredible man Henk has been. He’s touched so many lives with the grace and love of Christ. My prayers and thoughts are with you all.

    Much love,
    Karen (Kaz) Jimmy and family

  150. Lily de Vries Said:

    I even don’t know if this is the Henk Boesten I knew from Holland/Amsterdam when we were young. I had a boy-friend at that time, 1967 and his name was Henk Boesten. He left for Canada and we met only onetime after…after his mother had died. That was somewhere in 1984 I think. And the name of his wife was Lisa. When I see the 2 photo’s then I am almost sure it is Henk and I am so sad to hear he died last year. I hope that it is not him and perhaps I’ll get a mail back. When it is him then I wish you strength for the future and I’m really very very sorry I did not see him one time. My friendly regards and hopefully I’m wrong.

  151. Simone Said:

    I miss you papa. You are often in my thoughts. I talk about you all the time and it makes me feel like you are still sometimes around. I just wish I could sit with you again on the porch like the good ol days. It still feels unreal. I love you.
    Your favorite youngest daughter forever

  152. Jen Said:

    Oh Nico, I’m so sorry for your loss. I literally only knew your dad for two hours — 45 min of which was his prophesy over my life. But even in that short time he was the voice of Jesus to me.

    That summer in Amsterdam was a difficult time for me. I grew frustrated with God for not speaking to me the same way He seemed to speak to others at YWAM (my exposure to the charismatic gifts was very limited before that time), and was wondering whether God even loved me. Your dad sat across from me at breakfast the week before your wedding and we exchanged pleasantries, and then he looked me in the eye and said, “God has something He wants me to say to you.” And then your dad proceeded to speak words of truth into my life that echoed in the deepest chambers of my soul. Never before, and never since, has the voice of God been realer in my life than when it came through your dad. When I have doubts from time to time, I merely have to remember back to August 1997 and remember that God loved me so much that He was willing to send a man from Canada to Amsterdam to tell a doubting American how much He loved her. I’m so thankful that your dad was obedient to that calling and I am so glad that you and Ingrid had so many years with him before the Lord called Him home.

    Blessings to you and your family.

  153. Simone Dodgson Said:

    Hi papa,
    I am in Australia and it’s fathers day. Thinking about you today lots. I miss you. I love you. You will never be forgotton.


  154. Jill Said:

    Hope everyone is doing well,
    I was a student nurse who worked with Henk for a few weeks during a rotation. I just recently stumbled across a thank you card that he gave me with such kind words in it. I am almost graduated and I still remember some of the things he taught me, not so much the technical aspects of nursing, but more the caring part. I bring a piece of that with me every time I care for someone. Thank you

  155. Simone Said:

    Hi papa
    Just thinking about you. I want to keep this blog alive, so i will just write to you once in a while. I miss you so much. They say time heals, but sometimes i wonder if people just say that to make you feel better at the time. I am sure you can see me from where you are, but i just have to let you know, i am living in paradise. I surf everyday and am loving every minute of it. I am still often reminded of you and that makes me happy. You were such an influential man in my life ande i am so thankful i had you as a dad. I will surf some waves for you pops. Love you forever

  156. Craig Said:

    It’s coming on two years since you left us …
    And not a week goes by where I don’t think of you …

    You were always an inspiration to me …
    My good heart mentor …

    I miss you a lot my friend …
    And so do so many others …

    Sending love your way …
    As you have done for so many …

    Love and manly Henk style hugs


  157. robin goetz Said:

    Dear Lisa and family,
    I will never forget how much fun I had playing with Henk when we were playing with Norm Straus. Wow. Henk and I hit it off right away and when we were playing I would look over at Henk as he was swaying back and forth and banging on his percussion drum pads and he would give me a great big smile. We were in our element. I remember the great meals Henk would cook for us when I was staying at your place. The great fellowship in the white Honda on the way to gigs in Vancouver and Kimberly.
    He will always be a source of inspiration for me. Henk lived large and loved large. God bless you and your family. Robin Goetz
    ……..Henk, I will see you again my friend, and I look forward to playing a funk bass/percusion solo in heaven that will go on for years and years with our Lord, Jesus Christ.

  158. Victor Jongezoon Said:

    Dear Henk, Lisa, and family, with great sorrow in my heart i found out that my good old friend Henk has passed away. I allways wanted to visit you,but for some reasons we have lost contact.. and now its too late . I remember the fun that we had in Amsterdam the good discussions,later the nice holidays we spent together with you in the seventhies.Today i found some old pictures of you both and the kids,
    its brought me back to the past, the nice memories, the nice times,we have had.
    Henk I will never forget you, Lisa Hope to see you again in Future.
    Love Ingrid & Victor Beaulieu France

  159. mamazee Said:

    i remember going to a worship conference. My little boy needed surgery and i just started crying. Henk took me aside and talked me back to the living stones of my faith, prayed for me… and then talked up Big Daddy Weave – which is such comforting, soothing song…


  160. What Matters Said:

    […] to that encounter and dedicated to my dad, my best friend, and encourager until his last breath: Henk Boesten (1948 – […]

  161. Nico Boesten Said:

    I had a dream about you and wrote a song about the experience. It rattled me hard & is dedicated to you my friend, dad, and encourager – it’s called “What Matters”. http://nicogroove.com/what-matters

  162. […] to that encounter and dedicated to my dad, my best friend, and encourager until his last breath: Henk Boesten (1948 – […]

  163. Richard (Rick) Karpiuk Said:

    Met Henk, Lisa & children about 1987, when Henk was asked to be the drummer for the new Penticton Vineyard Fellowship.

    Few years later fell into a deep depression when marriage disintegrated & my son, Lucas (Luke) decided he didn’t want to see or speak to me. I’d only been a Christian for a few years.

    Found myself alone, felt like I just fell off a cliff, hanging on to my new found faith by my fingernails.

    Felt like someone had taken the puzzle of my life, which I thought had been all put properly together, and put it back in the bottom of the box, then they threw it up in the air & there I was, all in pieces, falling toward the ground & waiting to land.

    I was a mess. Felt like everything I knew about God & Christianity was now called into question. Didn’t know what to believe any more.

    But Henk put together a cassette of about 20 Van Morrison Spiritual songs & gave it to me. I listened to it all day, every day, for about four months. Couldn’t read the Bible, could only pray, asking God to take care of me & bring me through whatever I was experiencing. Seemed like all I did know for sure was that God was Sovereign, knew what was happening & wouldn’t leave nor forsake me.

    The music & lyrics to the Van Morrison Spirituals kept me sane, focused & patient while I waited upon God.

    Currently, almost 30 years later, going through another “…testing of my faith…” (James 1:2-8), re-discovered the cassette Henk made for me, listening to it again &, wanted to add this story to honor a good, down-to-earth friend and his family.

    Just listened to What Matters. So glad you recorded it. Thx for this site, Nico. Hi, Lisa & Simone.

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